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Oswestry Rugby Club - Match Reports ...

Sat 22nd Apr Oswestry Firsts 24-12 Manchester Medics - Guru


Manchester Medics travelled to Granville Park hoping to achieve a win after beating the Eagles at Manchester early in the season, however on this again sunny day and a rejuvenated Oswestry team from wins already at Granville Park the game turned into another great spectacle for the Oswestry supporters.

Eagles started off with excellent moves from quick ball, Nick Clay supplying his backs with the opportunity to look for gaps in this Manchester team, however it was the Eagles Pack that dominated the early play, attack after attack with Medics defending well and holding Eagles back from an early try.

But after a series of scrums and held up ball from Manchester, the powerful play by Oswestry resulted in a push over try James Booth the immense Number 8 for Eagles making sure the ball was clearly a try. Not converted.

5-0 to Oswestry

Now Manchester gathering themselves for a tough game started to bring their experiences into play having been in this level 7 league for 2 seasons, playing great rugby with Oswestry defending against the quick backs time and again thwarting Manchester from the try they desperately needed, the boot of Louis Mackenzie and Luca Owen-Youens clearing the defensive lines, Andy Smith's pack driving Manchester back from the try line, tremendous pressure now on Oswestry, time and again the ref giving Manchester penalties close to Eagles line …

Now Nick Clay injured and taken off for the duration of play replaced by Connor Lakin at Scrum Half … Manchester taking advantage of this change and lull in play replenishing much needed water, again concentrating on getting this much needed try … it came in the form of a well worked backs' move from Manchester with a rare overlap and scoring in the corner, again this not converted bring the score to

5-5 at half time

Now Eagles with their backs up and playing fantastic rugby, the pack of Smith, Double, Keaveny, Farr, Ellis, Jake Hunt, Colle and James Booth realising that the winning of this game would come in their ability to help the backs of Eagles gain space and probe the Manchester Defence.

This they did and the Flying wingers of Oswestry Jordain Morris and Thomas Jones causing trouble and strife within the Manchester defence, the centres Andy Merrett James Roberts, Full Back the Giant Luca Owen-Youens attacking times and again.

Now came the time for Oswestry to prove themselves and with three individual superb tries, by Jake Hunt, Thomas Jones and Luca Owen-Youens bringing the score to


Manchester vainly trying to attack this Oswestry side on the rampage looking for more tries …

10 minutes to go and two yellow cards 10 minutes in the sin bin for the two players brought Oswestry down to 13 men, now came the time to bring the Oswestry resolve and determination to win this game.

Manchester realising that a score was on the cards and a chance to redeem themselves in this game that saw them attacking the Eagles defence. Andy Smith urging his men to counter attack and get ours out of the red zone …

A mistake in the frenzy of defence a penalty against Eagles, Manchester took quick ball and scored … Converting this one to bring the score to


5 minutes to go the crowd supporting Oswestry … two players back on and 15 v 15 Eagles now turning the game around attacking Manchester looking for another try …

But the ref's whistle finished the game and final score score 24-12 the Captain and coach congratulating Eagles on a superb finish to the this extremely hard season for the Granville Park team.

Congratulations and Thanks from his team and Club go to Dan Samuels the 1st team coach, believing in the team and bringing them through hard and difficult games against superior odds and lack of essential players.

The Lanyon Bowdler and Hughes Bros Man of the Match Jake Hunt for an outstanding performance in the Oswestry pack.

There will be rugby touch played at Granville Park every Tuesday and Thursday starting at 6.45pm till 8pm this will involve players already playing, but Eagles welcome all new players who wish to join in. Young or old … male or female we have a thriving ladies and girls squad …

Sat 15th Apr Oswestry Firsts 17-19 Kidderminster - Guru

Eagles soar again in this thrilling game of the North Mids Shield semi final … with supporters from Kidderminster and Oswestry wondering whose team was going to win up until the last few minutes of this match …

Oswestry started off attacking the Kidderminster defence showing skills not seen for the last few games at Granville Park … Nick Clay at scrum half giving quick ball from the ruck and scrums sending his flying backs across the field mesmerising the Kidderminster defence, but a penalty given away by Oswestry saw the first score come to Kidderminster … with a conversion between the posts

0-3 Kidderminster …

Eagles now on the prowl and a fabulous move from Andy Merret out to the winger Jordain Morris saw Morris fake a pass and dart inside for a great personal try Converted by Fin Grogan

7-3 to Oswestry

Now both teams probing any weaknesses they could find in the defensive lines … Kidderminster with 3 shots at the posts converted all 3 and Eagles Converting for 3 points saw the score at half time:

10-9 to Oswestry

With the sun blazing down and the many supporters being asked to cheer their team on, saw Kidderminster switch another gear to show why they were the defenders of this Shield match … Oswestry now asking question of themselves to defend against the quick backs of Kidderminster … defending outstandingly well.

Captain Andy Smith again controlling the line defence … but a chink in the Eagles armour with a mis-tackle let in the speedy winger to bring the score to


All to play for … Eagles showing the supporters how good they can be, attacking with venom and skill the forwards now controlling play, time and again so near this try. Eagles centres throwing the ball wide for the wingers to probe the Kidderminster defence.

The try came in a defensive error from Kidderminster a penalty given close to the try line, Matt Colee picking up the ball while Kidderminster were regrouping finding a gap and diving over the line with a great try … again Fin Grogan Converting …


Now Kidderminster bringing all their skills and powerful play back into the game, Oswestry on the back foot … try from Kidderminster.


The crowd looking at the clock ticking down … Oswestry a penalty on the Kidderminster 22 line kick for touch … minutes left. Can the Eagles get this vital winning try? Ball lost to Kidderminster who drove the Oswestry forwards back to clear their lines … seconds left Oswestry ball … again lost to Kidderminster … final whistle and Kidderminster just win by two points … the supporters clapping both teams off the pitch knowing what a game of rugby this was to watch … Rugby is back at Granville Park …

The Lanyon Bowdler and Hughes Bros Man of the Match DAN MORGAN.

Next week see the Eagles play Manchester Medics at Granville Park KO 3 Pm

Sat 8th Apr Oswestry Firsts 25-24 Anselmians - Guru


Anselmians took the short journey to Granville Park expecting an easy win on this extremely hot day against the bottom of the South Lancs Cheshire 1 league team, having recently beaten Bowden and Manchester Medics teams in the mid league position.

However the game took on a different score to the expectations of Anselmians, even though they scored the first try from a quickly taken penalty, using their fast backs to penetrate a missed tackle from the Eagles, bringing the first score

0-5 not converting this one.

Oswestry then upped their game attacking the Anselmians defensive line, the pack lead by Dan Morgan, new to the number 8 position, but proving that adaptability can bring the best out of a player and it certainly did with Morgan. Nick Clay at scrum half now getting quick ball to his backs, Merret at 10 using his immense skills with Massy in support.
Both players making Anselmians wonder what was happening, now getting penalties from Anselmians within kicking range of Luca Owen-Youens …

Two penalties within close proximity Luca Converting … the score now …

6-5 to Eagles

… and all to play for with the game now taking on a new intensity. Anselmians rocked by this rejuvenated Oswestry side. Both sides now making mistakes with the intention of ball retention. Missed tackles and knock on balls giving away penalties and scrums. Guy Robert, a front row stalwart of this team, came off with an injury to his knee. Mike Keaveny the dependable forward now adding his strength to the front row of Eagles.

Suddenly out of one of these frantic tussles from both sides leaving Oswestry with possession, Nick Clay dodged past flailing Anselmians hands, off loading the ball to Jamie Luckett, then another off load to Tom H Jones who was supporting this superb move on the wing … speeding past the Anselmians defence to score in the corner TRY and Luca Owen-Youens stepped up to kick this conversion …

Score now 13-5 to Eagles and all to play for …

But again this team from the Wirral fought back and capitalised on the frantic defence of the men from Shropshire, Captain Andy Smith shouting for his men to calm down and control this fast game but to no avail, a great move from Anselmians saw the centre dart through another mis-tackle from Oswestry to score in the corner … no conversion

Bringing the score to 13-12 Oswestry.

Now play took on another meaning with both teams knowing either could win this game … the ref every now and again during an injury allowing the teams extra time to take on water in nearly 26degs of heat and play compounding this heat …

Oswestry now continued to press Anselmians in this second half with excellent play by every member of this Eagles team looking for the first win in the league … Merrett and Massy in the centre trying every move possible with their vast experience in this game. Morgan and his pack pushing the opposition back all the time. Both Eagles' wingers, Tom H Jones and Jordain Morris putting in extraordinary runs and saving tackles.

Then it came TRY Andy Merrett mesmerising the whole of the Anselmians defence with a dummy pass. The Anselmians defence looking at where the ball was supposed to be … BUT!! it wasn't, it was still in the hands of Merret who took a straight line to the try line scoring a wonderful personal and well deserved try. Luca again converting.

Score now 20-12

But again and again both teams playing as though this was a Cup Final, not wanting to make any mistakes. The mistake came from Oswestry when Anselmians ventured into the Eagles 22 from another penalty given away. Anselmians just caught the Oswestry defence with a gap to run through and scored with a great move past flailing hands.

Score now 20-19

Connor Blair now off, Guy Roberts back on with Mike Farrell the giant second row on to help strengthen the Oswestry defence.
Now the Eagles continually pushing Anselmians to the back foot attack after attack. Nearly TRY opportunities with Jamie luckett making amazing runs from the centre, but last moment mistakes stopping the men from Oswestry running in extra tries … penalty near the Anselmians TRY line and Smith making the decision to scrum, rather than kick for points … the Anselmian's team thinking Oswestry were going for a pushover TRY … but No!! The Captain had already decided they were going to do a mis-move, so near to the try line line and bring the giant Luca Owen-Youens into play … and what a move it was … quick ball from the scrum, absolutely fooling the Anselmians defence and the running flat out to receive the ball Owen-Youens caught the ball and sped past the motionless Anselmians defence to score what was to be the winning TRY

Score now 25-19

Oswestry hanging on with only a few minutes to go … but again Anselmians attacked the Oswestry defence with such an intensity that only another TRY would suffice … time now and stoppage minutes left … a mistake from the men in red let the Anselmians back into the game with a TRY in the corner and only a conversion to win this game, but the pressure on the kicker was immense and a very difficult kick !!! MISSED and the Eagles win this extremely hard fought game to a deserved win …

25-24 Oswestry and the first win in this league.

Anselmians distraught in their loss, but the game demands respect for both teams in this tough and demanding day … with many mistakes and handling errors. But nonetheless a great win for Dan Samuels the Coach of Oswestry congratulating his team for a deserved win …

The Lanyon Bowdler/Hughes Brothers of Oswestry man of the Match Luca Owen-Youens …

Next weekend Easter Saturday … Oswestry play Kidderminster in the North Mids Shield semi final … this promises to be an exciting game … The Eagles will need all the support from the club and Oswestry … KO 3pm.

Sat 1st Apr Douglas (IoM) 107-15 Oswestry Firsts - Guru

All, foreword …
This is not a rugby report but a story of how 16 men travelled to Douglas Isle of Man to play a vastly superior team contending to move up to North West 1.

The day started off with the Eagles travelling from Mainland U.K. to Douglas Isle of Man, starting their journey at 08.30 hours to catch the short trip by plane from Manchester airport to Isle of Man.

Douglas greeted Oswestry with respect and gratitude for making this trip with only 16 men and fulfilling the fixture, knowing that a loss was probably the only result against a team with a vastly more professional experience than Oswestry.

The KO was delayed slightly to accommodate the referee who arrived late … Firstly the Douglas supporters clapped the Eagles onto the pitch knowing how difficult it had been for the Eagles to select a team to play the top team on the Isle of Man.

The Douglas supporters and sponsors (over 250), were all there to watch their team play in this vital match to gain promotion.

The Oswestry supporters consisting of the team manager, admin manager one of the player's girl friend and her mother watched Oswestry play on this hot sunny day in the Isle of Man.

Douglas scored the first try in under 2 minutes cutting through the Eagles defence with speed and precision passing that easily shook off any defence that Oswestry had.

Then the Douglas onslaught continued with Douglas scoring 9 tries and 59 points in the first half, the coaches and supporters although pleased with there team's performance, were strangely quite and appreciative of the men from Shropshire's gallant attempts at defending, but playing still with heart and a determination to continue this game …

Second half and Coach Dan Samuels along with Captain Andy Smith asking more of the Oswestry team to continue and hopefully play a better half than the first.

And play they did with three tries for the Eagles even with a severely depleted team! Special mention to Tudor Jones and Tomas Keaveny for stepping up to play not having played for the firsts this season.

The tries scored by Jordain Morris, Luca Owen-Youens and Matt Colee, were not converted. Bringing the score to Oswestry 15 Douglas 107 at the final whistle.

Now the long journey back to Oswestry, but not without a fantastic attitude from the Oswestry men in defeat, but also knowing that this totally professional team from the Isle of Man had not been beaten at home so far this season and the Eagles put three tries on the board, which many teams have not.

The Oswestry Lanyon Bowdler and Hughes Brothers Man of the Match was
Nick Clay.

Next week Oswestry play Anselmians at home KO 3:00 pm

Sat 25th Mar Oswestry Firsts 15-41 Bowden - Guru

Although the score was 15-41 to Bowden, on this beautiful Summers day at the Granville Park ground, the Eagles played great rugby to stop this powerful team from Manchester scoring more points to help them progress in this hard league, South Lancs Cheshire 1.

The game started with Oswestry on the attack playing confident Rugby against Bowden who are contenders for promotion, with Oswestry's powerful Centres, Andy Merret, Massy and the Giant Luca Owen-Youens attacking the defensive lines of Bowden.
The first try however, came from Bowden using their fast backs well, getting the ball to the winger and scoring in the corner, not converted, the score …


Bowden now confident in their attacking but Eagles defending well, stopping the Bowden men from scoring. An interception from Massy in the midfield outpacing the Bowden Back scoring in the corner, bringing the score level …


The Eagles now producing superb rugby with the pack commanded by James Booth at 8, rucking and playing the game plan to Coach Dan Samuels' satisfaction.

A move started by Andy Merret saw the Centres of Oswestry bring in some sweet offloading and the experienced Massy breaking through the Bowden lines to score again, bring the score to …


Bowden not expecting this from the bottom of the league team, had to rethink their game plan to counteract the team from Shropshire's Welsh Border.

Again and again Bowden attacked the Eagles' lines but Oswestry holding out for a good 20 minutes … injuries on both sides stopping play.

The ref started play again after both teams replenished with much needed water on this scorcher of a day, but again powerful play from Bowden saw them bringing there impressive backs into play and scoring again using their fast winger, outpacing Oswestry and converting this one.


Olly Wilford now sent off for ten minutes for using his normal arm to fend off a Bowden player whilst Olly was attacking the Bowden lines, nobody told Olly that the rules had changed slightly and that the use of the old straight arm hand off was not allowed … however no harm done to the big Bowden player … a shake of hands and they carried on.

But during the time that Wilford was off, the pack missing him in the second row, Bowden scored another try bringing the score to …


Oswestry still playing great rugby with both teams having chances to score … the ref having to take water on board to keep up with this fast game.
However Just before half time Bowden, again producing quick ball from the ruck and sending their back towards the Eagles try line, scored just under the posts to bring the score to …


Half time and Coach Dan Samuels urging his team to counteract the men from Manchester and keep to the game plan.
Oswestry again starting well producing some fine moves from the pack to help the backs attack the Bowden lines … with Merret, Massy and Luca making impressive runs interlinking with the backs … a mistake by Bowden saw one of their men Yellow carded and sin binned for 10 minutes.

The Eagles now taking advantage of their man down situation, saw probably one of the best tries of this match, Luca Owen Youens starting a run from the Oswestry 22 and easily brushing aside the Bowden attempt to bring him down, bulldozing, using his power and strength to score a great try in the corner …


Now with injuries in this Oswestry team, Connor Lakin and Iwan Ellis taken off with a concussion after having played a tremendous game, tackling the Bowden men stopping them in their tracks from getting through the Eagles defence.

Rich Owen sent off for a 10 minute rest for an alleged high tackle … saw the men from Shropshire concede this game to Bowden, but not without playing outstanding rugby against the odds, boding well for next season.


It needs to be said that the Oswestry Pack's Captain, Andy Smith demanding the best from his men in adversity, against a very good Bowden team intent on promotion, proves that intensive training and team structure, fitness and communication will help us to power through in this league.

Oswestry Lanyon Bowdler and Hughes Brothers Oswestry. Man of match James Booth.

Oswestry travel to Douglas Isle of Man next week with no games at Granville Park.

Oswestry 2nds beat Sandbach in a vital game to stay in the Northern league.

Sat 18th Mar Broughton Park 47-20 Oswestry Firsts - Guru

All … this was a totally different game from that awful defeat last week …

Oswestry entertained Broughton Park for the First time at Granville Park, 3rd in the South Lancs Cheshire 1 … they themselves coming down from National league 1.

The Eagles able to put out a considerably different team from last week's defeat against Glossop, with Andy Merret and Massy coming back at Centres, Dan Morgan and James Roberts on the wings and the Giant Luca Owen Yuoens back at 15.
The pack with Guy Roberts and Declan Hughes back in the front row. James Booth at 8 and The big man, Matt Colee at 7, Scott Double the fanatical attacking machine at 6.

The game started after a tremendous Team talk from Captain Andy Smith with Oswestry attacking this strong team pushing them back, caught out by this revitalised Eagles side, showing the form that won them their place in this league at the beginning of the season.
A penalty given away on the Eagles 22 gave Broughton Park the opportunity to score first with a good move from their Scrum half out to his backs and squeezed past the Oswestry defence to score in the corner with a conversion.


Eagles now attacking back with superb offloading rucking and mauling … showed the Manchester men this wasn't going to be easy for them … again and again pick up and drive from Eagles forcing a penalty close to the 22 Mark gave Lou Mackenzie a chance to kick 3 points and convert he did, bring the Eagles back in the game.


Now in frustration Broughton Park where given a yellow card for a high tackle, Oswestry now gaining the upper hand with dazzling play from all of this team … great play from Andy Merrett driving through the Park defence, now arguing amongst themselves not used to being in this position … Massy showing considerable skills in his play supported by Luca Owen Youens with excellent running forcing the Park to retreat and reorganise.

From a play like this with all his wealth of experience Merret broke a hole in the Park defence supported by his pack, Massy and the backs … a great TRY scored against Park who were now reeling against this Oswestry team … Lou Mackenzie converting this one.

7-10 to the Eagles.

Now play switching from end to end both teams playing exciting rugby, another penalty given away by Park saw Lou Mackenzie slot another 3 point for the Eagles
Score now …
Park now pressing Oswestry for advantage to get back into this game … the Eagles outstanding defence coming into play with just to mention James Booth playing out of his skin attacking back with great runs supported by his pack … Andy Smith urging his men to stick to game plan … but again under pressure a penalty given away close to the Oswestry try line, saw Park drive over the line with a great maul scoring and converting.
Score now

14-13 to Broughton Park.

Now Oswestry gaining confidence in their play attacked Park with ferocious intent, skill and team pride saw just before half time, with a move started from the engine of the team, the awesome pack, Lou Mackenzie shooting the ball out to Merret, Massy fooling the Park defence with a smart move to the line, Jamie Luckett back in the team proving his place supporting with great power and running, gave Massy the chance to continue his run to the line and score near the posts … great try and conversion saw Oswestry leading this first half the score


2nd half and this was a game of two halves with Broughton Park not being in this position for some considerable time, their coach changing his side to adjust to this Oswestry side.

Massy the big Centre off with an injury, James Booth sent off for a suspected infringement saw the Eagles struggle against park.
Coach Dan Samuels having to adjust his team to try and stop the determined attack from Park, now bringing in their considerable experience in this league having defeated most of the big guns in the league.

Park now running in 5 tries to nil using their strength to not outplay the Eagles but changing tactics with their pack strength and fitness scoring three push over tries from penalties given away from the Eagles.

But nonetheless Oswestry still showed excellent team play with outstanding defence to stop the Park team from scoring more tries which they have done to many of their previous opponents in the second half.

However, the fitness of Park brought an end to this game with a win and a hope for promotion … but with 5 games left it will go to the wire.

The final score.

Broughton Park 47-20 Oswestry

A considerable improvement for the Eagles from the last encounter.

Oswestry now play Bowden at home next week KO 3Pm

The Lanyon Bowdler and Hughes Brothers Man of the Match a deserving James Booth.

Sat 11th Mar Oswestry Firsts 3-104 Glossop - Guru

Hi guys! Obviously as you can see from the score Oswestry were decimated by this very strong mid table team from the Peak District.

Pre-game at the club 2 players dropping out on the Saturday morning and Coach Dan Samuels was having to put players under pressure, asking them to play out of position.

This left us with only 15 team players and 1 sub, Coach Dan Samuels having to put himself on the bench …

So as you can all see, not a good day at the office … but we have been here before and no doubt will be here again.

Match report:

A much depleted team travelled the long journey up to Glossop in the Peak District, with two players dropping out at the last moment, Coach Dan Samuels had no options but to get his boots out and add himself to the teams sheet.

This also meant that many players had to play out of their normal team positions. Matt Colee who normally plays in the pack went to Centre, Nick Clay also the 9 Scrum half went to the centre as well. Phil Drury Second row went out to the wing.

The score line is disappointing with Glossop putting 7 tries past the Eagles in the first half and 9 tries in the second half … Glossop knew that the Eagles had a vastly different side from the one they played at Oswestry and took full advantage of the situation, time again attacking the Eagles lines easily cutting through to score their many tries.

Glossop's many supporters baying for the 100 score difference, the Glossop coach urging his men onwards, the Oswestry Coach Dan Samuels having to put his name on the team sheet and run the line a deplorable situation for Oswestry. However the grit and determination of the Oswestry men showed with them continuing to playing rugby at this level …

Oswestry now have 6 games left in this league and a semi final in the North Mids Shield.

Coach Dan Samuels is calling upon the whole of Oswestry RUFC to rally and come forward with help and commitment over the next few weeks.

The Lanyon Bowdler Man of the Match Phil Drury.
Next week Oswestry play Broughton Park at home KO 2pm.

Sat 25th Feb Oswestry Firsts 23-14 Woodrush - Guru

WIN for the Eagles in this enthralling North Midlands Shield 1/4 final against Woodrush from South Birmingham.
On this cold wet and difficult playing pitch the Eagles got their 1st win at home with a great display of rugby proving that the team are back to winning ways.
Oswestry started off attacking the Woodrush lines with an intent not seen so far this season with a superb try from Luca Owen-Youens with the first few minutes helped by excellent off loading down the wing, Luca's pace saw him outrun the Woodrush backs to score in the corner, not converted. Score
Now on full throttle again and again the Eagles attacked the Woodrush territory with some stout defence from the men from Birmingham, now with an excellent move from Quick ball the number 9 Nick Clays pass found the big man Massy running forward off loading to his backs.. finding the quick Gaz Hughes darting through the Woodrush defence again scoring in the corner …
Now Woodrush reeling from the Eagles onslaught, but as always when you travel a long way it sometimes takes a little longer to adjust … Woodrush did so with some fine rugby, their backs running at Oswestry trying to get through the defence but Oswestry thwarting the attacks at every attempt to get through, however a great offload by Woodrush saw them pierce the armour of the Eagles defence and score near the posts converting this one.
Woodrush now on fire and attacking the Oswestry lines with intent … Oswestry holding firm and resolute … each team giving away penalties, Captain Andy Smith controlling his men. Now Oswestry on the Woodrush 22 Metre line pushing Woodrush to there limits …
Luca Owen Youens using his immense strength and with the help of Massy push passed the Woodrush defence and scored another try no conversion
15-7 and Half time …
Scott Double replaced by Chris Hesketh first game back this season, after a hip replacement in 2016 yayyyyyyyyy
Matt Colee taken off with an injury … Phil Drury on.
Coach Dan Samuels now putting on Jordain Morris taking off James Roberts on the wing … the game now being controlled by Woodrush, Andy Howell having to get his team out of trouble with superb kicks from his Dependable boot.

The team rolling from this Woodrush attack started to gain momentum great try saving tackles from Jordain Morris, Nick Clay, Gaz Ellis to name but a few … Dan Samuels coach shouting to his team keep to the plan.
Then out of the Blue fantastic rugby from the Centre Massy, with controlled running, Gaz Ellis supporting him running towards the Wood rush try line TRY Gaz Ellis touched down …
Woodrush determined to get back into this quarter final attacked the Oswestry lines time and again at last their efforts saw them go over the line. Score now
20-14 and the game very close … both teams now striving for control … end to end play … but the penalty given away in the last few minutes by Woodrush saw Andy Howell convert the kick and the Final Score
23-14 to the men from Shropshire.
The Lanyard Bowdler and Hughes Brothers Man of the Match
Gaz Ellis …
Next week Oswestry play Broughton Park at home KO two fifteen

Sat 18th Feb Wigan 20-15 Oswestry Firsts - Guru

Oswestry travelled to Wigan in this eagerly awaited clash with both teams needing to win to stay in this level 7 league.
The Game started with the Wigan supporters of which there were many cheering their team on … but within two minutes of the start The Eagles scored with a great pick up from Iwan Ellis, who gathered a kick from Wigan which hit one of the Eagles men running in from the halfway line, no conversion the score now:
This spurred Wigan on to attack the Oswestry lines with continues rucking and mauling play putting the Eagles under tremendous pressure. Oswestry defending well holding the lines with Captain Andy Smith urging his men to stay firm and weather the Wigan onslaught.
But from a scrum given away by a penalty to Wigan near the Oswestry 5 metre line, the small but strong scrum half from Wigan darted in from the outside to penetrate the Eagles defence and score in the corner, again not converted … the score now:
The game now took on an end to end battle with both teams looking for another try … Wigan playing great rugby offloading and running at the Oswestry men … the defence from Oswestry holding with Andy Howell, Luca Owen Youens clearing the lines with great kicks to touch ... the pack pushing time and again to gain control ... but a move by Wigan from the halfway line penetrated the Oswestry defence scoring a try through the middle of the Eagles defence … again no conversion:
With penalties given away by both teams and conversions missed Wigan kept a sustained attack on the Oswestry Team, determined and egged on by their coach to get the ball moving wide, which they did with quick backs moves, but again and again Oswestry deterred the Wigan attack, however with the Home side putting so much pressure they scored another try bringing the score to 15-5 not converting.

KO off again to Oswestry now attacking Wigan with a purpose and getting a penalty within kicking distance for 3 vital points to bring the score closer … Andy Howell stepping up to the mark, converting, leaving the score at half-time
Second half and all to play for, Oswestry Coach Dan Samuels organising his men with well chosen words to install confidence back to his team. Wigan also on fire, and again putting pressure with a sustained effort to gain the lead and put this game to bed ... but a new sense of purpose in this second half with the Eagles defending well and thwarting Wigan in their attack, showed the Wigan crowd that this wasn't going to be a run over by their team.
But from a great move again from the Wigan Scrumhalf darting and dodging the Eagles defence offloading to his quick backs.. Wigan scored another try the score now..
Coach Dan Samuels now deciding to make tactical changes to his team with Jack Charmley coming on and the Dependable Mike Keaveny coming into the front row adding considerable strength to the pack, saw Oswestry turn the tables on Wigan and sustain pressure on the defence making Wigan give away penalties. Andy Howell now kicking for line-outs close to the Wigan try line ... Eagles time and again attacking the northern men showing that pride and passion helps in this hard game.
With a superb kick down the line through the Wigan defence saw the nimble scrum half from Oswestry chase the ball to the try line grasping to put the ball down ... but Jack Charmley showing experience beyond his years following Nick, dived and secured the try needed to bring this game closer to a win .
Now Oswestry putting continuous pressure playing out of there skins to get this try and convert to win, a great second half play … with a Scrum now close to the Wigan try line and only seconds left Oswestry went for the push over. With the pack now stronger nearly there ... but the referee judged forward by an Oswestry hand a decision refuted by the Eagles … however the final whistle blew and although a bonus point for the Shropshire men, still not the elusive win ...

Oswestry Lanyon Bowdler Man of the Match Diean Lloyd- Hughes.

Oswestry entertain Woodrush RUFC at Home on Saturday 25th Feb 2017 KO 2.15
In the North Mids Shield, come down and give support to your local Rugby club!

Sat 11th Feb Oswestry Firsts 0 - 12 Sefton - Guru

Oswestry entertained their old rivals from two seasons ago when they where in South Lancs div 2.

However, Sefton showed that two seasons in the middle of the division above has given them vast experience in the level Seven rugby.

Oswestry started off well containing the Sefton game of excellent attacking rugby, with the use of offloading ball and hard rucking, malling.

The Eagles gave as good as they got to Sefton and at times where in charge of this game, using the big pack well, driving Sefton back to the back foot, with two penalties and two shots at the posts to no avail, the game continued in this see-saw fashion with both teams having opportunities to score, but with excellent defence again from both teams this was going to be a difficult match to score.

With a mistake near the twenty two metre line in the Eagles half Sefton with some excellent play swept past the Oswestry Defence to score in the corner … this was not converted. The score


Now the game was getting a bit frantic with the ref giving penalties to both teams.
At this time the scrum half from Oswestry Louie Mackenzie was taken off with concussion … James Roberts taking over at scrum half.

Sefton now used this period with a sustained attack on the Oswestry lines, with some great defensive play … but Coach Dan Samuels getting frustrated with his team not sticking to the game plan … but during this interval Sefton Scored another try converting this one …


Half time and Coach Dan Samuels giving his team a heads up on their performance thus far and not happy … the game needed to change dramatically for the shropshire boys to get back in … however this game stayed at 12-0 with three Yellow cards being given to Sefton for misdemeanour’s on the field which at one time brought them down to 13 men, but still the Eagles could not penetrate this tough Sefton side … game play was the key word unfortunately the Eagles couldn't stick to this, which was their downfall … however the team continued to play striving for the try … but the final whistle showed that although a loss, Oswestry could still compete in this league.

The Lanyard Bowdler Man of the Match was Mike Davies.

Oswestry Travel to Wigan next Saturday 18th Feb 2017

Sat 4th Feb Southport 36-15 Oswestry Firsts - Guru

Oswestry traveled to Southport knowing this game was going to be another good encounter, having drawn the previous game 15 all.
From the KO Southport attacked the Oswestry try line trying to dominate this match in front of a substantial home crowd urging their team to get the first try.
After 5 minutes of continual defending from the Eagles, the home team got the try they wanted.
7-0 with a conversion
However this did not deter the away team from Shropshire and with good rucking great moves to the backs, then a kick through with Phil Drury being obstructed from scoring by a desperate Southport Player, the ref gave a penalty try, the score now
Southport again attacking the Oswestry defence, probing any weaknesses and mistakes that would come from The Eagles with the pressure on.
With a penalty given to Southport they took a quick tap and sent their quick Winger down the line to score another try ... this time no conversion.
Iwan Ellis now off injured and Tom Booth on as replacement.
Oswestry now battling to stay in this game and put a score on the board, but not so the Southport men put another try past Oswestry.
With 10 minutes to go lots of mistakes now with both teams giving way penalties the tide turned for the Eagles with Luca Owen-Young stepping up to take a shot at the posts straight through the middle ... 3 points and Eagles looking to get the score even.
Half time now and everything to play for.
Os now attacking this Southport team with a new vigour playing the ball close and pushing the men from the North back ... excellent play from the Man of the Match Andy Merrett spreading the ball to his backs, probing the Southport defence, the Oswestry pack now up for this game, time and again nearly there, but good defence from Southport stopped the elusive try.
Again a mistake from Oswestry let the Southport team in to score another try.
Now skipper Andy Smith urging his men on excellent play from the whole team ... getting closer to the Southport try line ... encamped in the Southport 22, a magnificent maul and push over try saw the Oswestry men gain strength from this one ... no conversion
But again mistakes in the tackling area gave the Southport men to more tries bringing the final score to
Oswestry 15 Southport 36.
But by no means was this game a walk over from Southport the supporters clapping The Eagles off the pitch knowing that the Shropshire men had put up a gallant and extraordinary heads up effort to play great rugby and still compete in this league.
The Lanyon Bowdler Man of the Match was Andy Merrett .
Next week Oswestry play Sefton in a long awaited home game, with ladies day for the club and the England V Wales match televised at the club....

A great day to come down and support your local Rugby Club.. enjoy the game and great company to watch the 6 nations.

Sat 28th Jan Oswestry II 34-37 Linley and Kidsgrove - Mark Jones

An unbelievable game with the Eagles giving up a 22 point lead to lose the game in the last minute. Linley were absolutely delighted at the homeside's generosity.

Oswestry's problem lay in the 2 facts of having too many players on the day and they lost their structure with all the changes and also they didn’t seem to think tackling was a priority in the 2nd half.

The first half was one way with Willis going over in the corner before Tudor Jones did his trademark score when he brushed off 2 tackles before galloping 30 metres to the tryline. This was soon followed by great interplay between winger Jak Kent and fullback Tomas Booth - the ball was passed several times between them before Booth took the ball over the line. Dickie Wilson also put over a penalty giving them a 22 point lead. Linley didn’t have a great set of backs but had a solid set of forwards and a quick tap penalty saw their scrum half run untackled and under the posts giving them some hope.

Linley had gained momentum and their centre was now on fire and with Oswestry thinking they had won the game they made several changes. Linely scored a try making them just over one try behind. New boy Matt Bithell then crossed the Linley line but they couldn't shake off Linley who countered with a try of their own. The Wilson Brothers then combined with Elloit going over and his brother kicking the conversion leaving Oswestry 34-17 up with 15 minutes to go. Several penalties kept giving Linley possession of the ball and 3 tries brought the scores level.

The Eagles then compounded their poor 2nd half when they were again penalised for playing the ball on the ground - a repeat offence and Linley kicked the winner with howls of delight from the visitors.

No game next week

Sat 14th Jan Oswestry Firsts 7 - 45 Manchester - Guru

Manchester, 3rd in the league come down from North 1, traveled to Oswestry, home of the Eagles hoping to put a big score against them again. Eagles where beaten 60 points to 5 at Manchester but Saturday's game was a totally different situation. Eagles competed extremely well attacking this powerful well organised team, pushing them on the back feet, surprising them with ferocious speed and organisational skills, in defense playing well with the dependable Luca Owen Youens clearing the lines helped by some excellent defense from the Oswestry team all playing as one.

Unfortunately Manchester got to grips with this situation and scored with a very good move down the line just after the half hour, then continuing with another 5 tries before half time.

Again this did not apply to the Oswestry men trying hard to combat the Manchester attack being the organised team they are.

Half time Coach Dan Samuels explaining to his team - "It's pointless giving you a major shouting at, you have to get more organised and keep the Manchester team from exploiting our mistakes in defense. Take the game to them."

Now the game began, with the Eagles again attacking the Manchester lines, keeping the ball away from their fast backs. Renewed energy from Oswestry saw them reaching the Manchester try line with ruck after ruck, the Oswestry pack Smith Captain, Guy Roberts and Connor Blair front row with Gaz Ellis, James Booth, Tom Dicken, Mike Davies and number 8 Richard Owen, playing their hearts out, trying for this elusive try.

But again with mistakes made from the pressure, saw Manchester score two more tries.

Still this did not stop the Shropshire men from attacking the Manchester team. Then with a fantastic move from Andy Howell at ten, passed out to Andy Smith on the break, quick pass to Andy Merret TRY! and the whole team gasped just to achieve.

Final whistle Blown and the Manchester Coach congratulating Coach Dan Samuels on a superb game. The score did not reflect the guts and determination, heads held high of the Men from Oswestry.

The Lanyard Bowdler Man of the Match Connor Blair, for his outstanding contribution in the front row against tremendous pressure from Manchester.


Sat 7th Jan Liverpool St. helens 26-3 Oswestry Firsts - Guru

The Eagles travelled to the team that is in fourth position in the league, still with players missing or cancelling at the last minute, determined though to come to grips with Oswestry Rugby ..
The game started with a try from LSH almost from Kick off, Eagles stunned by the speed of their attack.
Now holding this team from Lancashire with excellent defense and clearance from Full back Luca Owen Youens the game was going either way both teams showing great determination in attack and defense, but looking like LSH wanted the ball a bit more with Oswestry making silly mistakes giving away advantage to this strong team ..
LSH getting another try pounding the Oswestry defense with a push over try.
Half time and all to play for.. the Eagles showing that they could compete in this tough league gave a tremendous performance with James Roberts making outstanding tackles to stop certain tries down the wing from LSH. The Oswestry pack now getting to grips with this game attacking the LSH lines determined to get the elusive try but tactics used by LSH saw them get two yellow cards and a red for obstruction and foul play..

However the try did not come except for 3 points from a penalty given away by LSH leaving the final score to LSH

The Lanyard Bowdler Man of the Match James Roberts for out standing commitment to this very hard game.

Coach Dan Samuels

1st team coaches report:-

The little things made the difference today. We had the same opportunities to score as they did except they took theirs and we didn't. We talked about why. You boys know what you've got to do. Back to the field Tuesday. Lots to work on/build on. Chins up, look forward and move forward. Every game is a winnable game.



Sat 17th Dec Oswestry Firsts 15 - 15 Southport - Guru

Southport travelled to Oswestry for this vital match they needed to progress furthers in South Lancs Cheshire 1. With the Eagles bottom and Southport in 8th position. Their supporters saying this should be an easy win !!
However with the Eagles gathering strength and players coming back, new men in this revitalised team.
Oswestry started well attacking this strong team pushing them on the back foot … gaining momentum with ruck ball after ruck ball, Nicky Clay at scrumhalf using his skills to let the backs go on this surprised Southport team who certainly did not expect this … the Southport coach urging his men on in defence.
Southport now making mistakes and giving penalties away. Ryan Sorrell giving quick ball to Andy Merret who let the ball fly out to his backs, a fabulous move from Andrew Aiono offloading the ball to the flying winger Dan Morgan saw Dan score in the corner.
Not converted.
5-0 and Southport reeling from this new Eagles team.
Southport now trying to gain back any momentum they could. Oswestry's line speed stopping any moves and controlling the middle of the field … the strong pack of Oswestry dominating play … Richard Owen at eight pushing his men forward in the mauls, Matt Colee a tower of strength along with James Booth, Gaz Ellis, and the front row of Smith, Roberts and Connor Blair challenging for the ball … another mistake by the opposition led to a penalty, Luca Owen Youens converting making the score now
Southport now using all their experience in this league set up a driving maul in the corner of the Oswestry half, a great move saw the ball pushed out to the winger and a well deserved try brought the score back to
Oswestry knowing they had the beating of this team set up another run for Dan Morgan to chase with a sweet kick from Ryan Sorrell to the corner of the Southport try line … Dan was judged to be held back off the ball, the ref had no option but to award a penalty try for the Eagles. The score now
Southport now attacking the men from the south and set up a high kick for the winger to chase … a lucky bounce saw the try come and bring the deficit back to
15-12 both teams with everything to play for and half time.

The second half saw both teams playing extremely well, neither gaining any advantage, with the new ruling for high tackles saw 4 yellow cards being given two for Oswestry and two for Southport … again neither team gaining advantage with men down.
In all penalties missed by Southport and Oswestry should have put this game to bed.
One penalty to Southport saw this game come to Draw …

Oswestry holding their heads up high knowing they can compete in this league with the best teams and venture to stay in South Lancs Cheshire 1
Coach's comment:
At long last a result which we deserved, could have gone either way but we're up and running. A great effort by all yesterday, and my highlight of the day was the Captain's face in his disbelief as he was given a yellow card for a 'dangerous' waist high tackle. Congratulations to Nick on his MoM performance, it was coming.
A great night last night lads, thank you all for supporting ORUFC, have a great Xmas

Head Coach's report
A great battle gents! Toe to toe, arm in arm. You proved to yourselves how good you are. We drew with a side that have scored 36 points and won 7 games in this very good and highly competitive league. You have the chance to go on and do great things after Christmas.
Be the best team that has ever been a part of this club. Survival alone would prove that, but if you graft harder in training, become a close unit, you could potentially challenge the mid table teams for positions. Not to mention our cup run that we are on! 13 league games to go.
The Lanyard Bowdler Man of the Match, Nick clay, an outstanding performance at scrum half .

Sat 10th Dec Widnes 25 - 16 Oswestry Firsts - Guru

Eagles travelled north to Widnes to play a team that beat them 54-13 at their last meet …
However the game with this Widnes side, 9th in the League, was a different story.
The first half went Widnes's way, with the Eagles giving away three tries through mistakes in the game.
The Oswestry men reeling from the Widnes attack now started to get the game together with Andy Smith, captain urging his men on to get through the Widnes defence and get through they did … Andy Merrett breaking through the lines with all his experience, the backs off loading great ball to recycle through this strong Oswestry pack.
Penalty given away from Widnes saw Ryan Sorrell slot the ball between the posts … to make the score
17-3 at half time.
Now coach Dan Samuels briefing his team on how to Tackle Widnes weaknesses

Second half started with the Eagles pushing the Widnes team to their limits and gaining another penalty … Ryan Sorrell again scoring between the posts
Great play from this Oswestry pack saw Widnes defending their line unable to get the ball away … continually breaking the scrum and giving away penalties. But the ref not giving the penalty try that the Eagles needed.
Penalty given away by a rare escape from Widnes put the score to 20 point to 6.
Again this revitalised Eagles team playing heroic rugby with moves, rucks and scrum out scrummaging the Widnes pack who now where resorting to different tactics giving away penalty after penalty … Ryan Sorrell again scoring making the score
Now Oswestry knowing this game was a try away pushed Widnes back, their Coach shouting tactics to try and stop the Eagles advance. Oswestry supporters giving their team confidence …
But another slip up from the Eagles gave Widnes the respite they needed with an unconverted try making the score
Now came the part of this game that made Widnes think they were going to lose.
Oswestry putting on a performance that showed they are worthy of this league playing outstanding rugby as a team the pack driving on quick ball to the backs desperately going for this final stage try …
It came with the Eagles pack camped on the Widnes try line, Widnes giving away penalties, Oswestry opting for the scrum and the try came, scored by Phil Drury with a magnificent touch down, the ball being converted … the final score
25-16 Widnes knowing this tough Oswestry team came close to beating them.

The Widnes coach coming over to congratulate the men from Shropshire on a great performance against his experienced side .
The Lanyon Bowdler Man of the Match
Phil Drury on his outstanding performance in the pack
This Saturday 17th Oswestry play Southport at home which promises to be a great game … Kick off 2.15 pm

Sat 10th Dec Blackburn U17 12-19 Oswestry U17 - Mark Jones

Oswestry RUFC under 17s travelled up north to take on the so far unstoppable league leaders Blackburn. Oswestry where fired up from the start knowing a win would not only inflict Blackburn's first defeat but also take them to the top of the league.
From the first whistle both sides showed why they where fighting for the league title, but it was Oswestry who started the brighter and before long was pegging back Blackburn's defense to there own try line only for multiple plays to just break down at the very end. The battle continued throughout the first half with everything mainly evens but Oswestry having more possession and territory and starting to look very dangerous.
Half time came around with the scores still standing at 0-0 with both sides showing how much this game meant to each club.
After a fiery talk at the break Oswestry came out of the blocks like an Olympic sprinter and had soon got Blackburn's tale between there legs. Some fantastic forwards play, down the right side of the pitch freed up some quick ball for the backs to have a go. The ball shifted from right to left with ease until it reached outside centre Nick Williamson who spotted a gap and took the opportunity to burst through several players and slide under the sticks. A superb move from the forwards and out to the backs.
Wil Millington adding the extra two with ease.
The restart proved to be in Blackburn's favour straight away as a quick turnover from a lucky bounce put them in a great position and ran through to hit straight back at Oswestry, converting from the angle …
The game stepped up again with Oswestry really battling to regain the lead and it soon presented itself with a fantastic turnover from the pack which saw the ball shipped out quickly to winger Oliver Daure who pinned back his ears and ran 80 metres to score a fantastic try beating several players along the way. Wil converted again ..
With about 10 minutes to go Blackburn got a penalty 5 metres out and quickly took a tap to go over and bring the score to …
12-14 still in Oswestry's favour.
Conversion missed.
With around 5 minutes left on the clock Oswestry gave a away a penalty just outside the 22m line and Blackburn went for the posts that would have took the score in there favour but it skimmed wide and Oswestry took back control.
With the last play of the game Oswestry again took some phases up the field to about half way before the ball was flashed out to Nick Williamson again to run in a try and score in the corner.
12-19 Final score
Man of the match wasn't given to a certain individual it was given to the whole squad as not one person could be chosen. A fantastic performance by the Colts to see them rise to the top of the league. Next weeks game is the last of 2016 at home to Fleetwood. 12:30 kick off.

Sat 3rd Dec North Midlands Vase Competition - Guru

Eagles win at Shrewsbury

Oswestry travelled to Shrewsbury facing a tough side in this local Derby game hoping to get through this round of the North Midland competition.

The game started with Shrewsbury on their home ground attacking the Eagles and the big pack dominating the game. Eagles now on the back foot and making mistakes early on to give away penalties not needed in the firsts few minutes, but now this new Eagles team showing great resilience in the defence of territory.

New boy Andrew Aiono showing superb skills along with the number 12 Andy Merrett cutting through the Shrewsbury defence looking for his men to follow him and penetrate Shrewsbury line … with exciting skills from Ryan Sorrell and Scrum half Nick Clay creating quick ball from the ruck sent the ball out to the devastatingly quick winger Tom Dickson who showed his skills scoring the first try of the Match in the corner … this one not converted.
Now the Eagles with their hackles up started to play with the will to win this game, but Shrewsbury had other ideas and again started to attack this resolute defence. Oswestry keeping their line and moving up to stop this Shrewsbury attack … but a silly mistake and penalty against let the home side in with three points.
Now excellent work from both teams gave the Shrewsbury supporters hope that their team could turn the North Shropshire men over. The Eagles now settled down and showing that this new team is going to be a hard team to beat …

Now Captain Andy Smith Urging his men on to work harder and penetrate the Shrewsbury defence … again and again rucks and mauls getting nearer the try line.
Now with a great throw in from the line the ball, quickly out to Tom Dickson again saw his speed outpace the Shrewsbury Defence and score another try in the corner … not converted score …
3-10 and half time.

The Eagles now with a new confidence not seen in the first half of this season started to outpace the Shrewsbury men, holding the big pack steady, Nick Clay able to produce quick ball to Ryan Sorrell who again pushing his backs to gain ground … now a break from Oswestry saw foul play from one of the Shrewsbury men … yellow carded with 10 minutes in the sin bin.
Oswestry now out-mauling the county Town men, saw the big number 8 Rich Owen bulldoze his way through the defence and score another great try for the Eagles … again not converted … score now
Shrewsbury now wanting to get back in this game attacked the Oswestry line time and again … but the superb line speed kept them at bay … not for long with Oswestry losing their discipline giving away penalties and two men sent off within minutes of each other …
the ref now giving a penalty try with more than enough penalties given away.

The score now 13-15 and Shrewsbury all to play for, but again this team from Oswestry shook themselves off and again started to put together some great moves and offloads … mesmerising the Shrewsbury defence … now another great throw from Andy Smith ball out to Andy Merret with the Oswestry pack drawing the Shrewsbury men in giving space to Merret scoring a superb try … Sub Louis Mackintyre converting this one …
score 13-22
Again, ill-discipline let the Eagles down giving away another penalty with Shrewsbury taking advantage
With a full team back on and Coach Dan Samuels switching his men to gain advantage in this tough match saw the giant Luca Owen Youens start a run from the Oswestry defensive line running a devastating route through the Shrewsbury defence handing off tackler after tackler scoring in the corner … making the final score in this tough match

The Lanyon Bowdler Man of the Match for his outstanding work rate over the game

Matt Colee

Oswestry return to the league games next week away to Widnes …
Oswestry Seconds are at home to Macclesfield.

Sat 19th Nov Bowden 48 - 7 Oswestry Firsts - Guru

Oswestry 1sts 7 v Bowdon 48

Oswestry 2nds 59 v Sandbach 17

Oswestry Colts 22 v Bolton colts 21

Oswestry Rugby is on the up and although the firsts lost to Bowden a first class team, with Oswestry's Dan Morgan scoring a fabulous try darting through the Bowden defense and helped by his team mates offloading and determination, to keep playing this wonderful game.

The Bowden head of coaching said he had never seen a losing team play so well and the score certainly did not reflect the game. Oswestry pushed Bowden to the limit. Unfortunately, the Eagles mistakes where quickly pounced on by this very experienced Bowden team and scoring in the last 20 minutes of this game … 48-7

But wins by the Oswestry 2nds over Sandbach and an excellent game by the Colts in a thrilling match with the Colts scoring in the last minute to make this well supported match 22 21 gives Oswestry a challenge this season to keep playing and the win for the firsts will come.

Oswestry 2nd Coach and Captain Warren Howell quoted ..
“The Mighty 2nd's are starting to play as a team!
We started slow allowing them to take the lead with an early try. This definitely gave us the kick that we needed and then played great rugby, showing Sandbach what this young team are made of.
Young Jak Kent took out their aging front row with a great tackle. Tries came from MOM Fletcher Owen-Youens, Tudor Jones and Liam Marky Williams.”

Some great performance everywhere including the little bulldog Daniel Lawrence who played some awesome rugby.

Seriously well played everyone, please make the effort to support the 1st's next week at the club's 40th Anniversary .

Oswestry Lanyard Bowdler Man of the Match Gaz Ellis.

Next week Saturday 25th November is the 40th Anniversary for the Eagles a tremendous mile stone in the history of Oswestry rugby club …

Please come down and support your local club and meet the team and with many players from the past. It is going to be a special day for Oswestry and the Club.

Sat 12th Nov Oswestry Firsts 7 - 37 Glossop - Guru

It is not easy to write a report on my Club Oswestry Rugby and of course the 1st team who unfortunately have not won a game since the beginning of the season in this new league we were promoted to, South Lancashire, Cheshire 1 … level 7.

Adjusting to these teams who we are playing is going to be a longer transition than we though, most of the teams are certainly no better than Oswestry and this is not a fault of our players or coaches, just to explain to supporters of our great club - it's the fact that we have lost players who have gone back home or university and we are having to play men who are great players but lack of players, means they have to play out of position, this is not easy against well drilled sides who have been in this league for three or four seasons.

However the performance of the Eagles on Saturday 12th November against a young fit team from Glossop Manchester was exemplary! Captain Andy Smith at the end of this game told his men, hold your heads up high, but for the fact they lived off our mistakes and we have put up a performance that brings hope to us for the future, with players coming back from Injury and new player coming in … we will build this team up and the wins will come.

The Dickson brothers Tom and Colin, Iwan Ellis, Declan Hughes, all playing their first game for Oswestry playing a great game with no training was an example of how the passion and respect for the game comes into action.

We lost 37 points to 7 with Eagles scoring the first try … thereafter the game swung from end to end with the young referee giving penalties to both teams and both teams taking advantage there were in total 1 red card instant sending off for undisciplined behaviour and three yellow cards one to Oswestry for 10 minutes on the side.

This indicates the pace and passion this game was played at … with Oswestry trying hard to secure another try in the second half not giving Glossop a chance to get out of their half for 25 minutes, but again pace caught up with the Eagles players, the two new centres Tom And Colin Dickson playing and adjusting to this game were now part of this Eagles team and showed immense skill and passion.

Richard Owen playing at 8 and a Stalwart of the pack leading by example and getting the Oswestry Rugby Club Man of the Match will no doubt drive his men on to win games.

It's coming boys your passion and heart will see us through this patch.

Next Saturday Eagles are away to Bowden, Seconds are at home to Sandbach KO 2.15 pm

The Lanyard Bowdler Man of the Match Richard Owen

Sat 5th Nov Broughton Park 62 -0 Oswestry Firsts - Guru

The Eagles travelled to Broughton Park knowing that this was going to be a tough game, with players out of position and unavailability of key players with only two subs not the normal three.

However the men of Oswestry put up a fantastic game against this very fit and organised side who only two seasons ago where in North West One.

Warren Howell, Richard Wilson, Richard Owen, Daniel Smart, certainly stepped up to the mark, playing out of their skins to help the Eagles defend and attack.

Coach Dan Samuels said.

“Considering all the changes this week and all the players playing out of there so called positions, we competed well throughout the game against a fit, well structured, very experienced broughton park. Without the desire and work-rate you guys put in today, especially in the first half, this would have easily been in the 100's.

This is a club with a huge history and have played national league standard only 2 seasons ago. You guys made them look very ordinary at times, so be proud of yourselves for that. Firsts or seconds, this is a call to you all. Be a part of something special for our club. If we can boost numbers at training to allow ourselves to grow our squads depth, and develop our game, I reckon that by 4th March 2017 when we have our return match against these guys, we will beat them and many others along the way. Do it for yourselves boys. Be proud and be a part of our special Club. Pull together as one!"

Next week:
Oswestry Firsts v Glossop at home KO 2.15 pm

Congratulations to Phil Drury for the Lanyon Bowdler Man of the match .

Sat 29th Oct Oswestry Firsts 25 - 29 Wigan - Guru

The Eagles entertained Wigan at home … both side not having won a game so far this season … Oswestry still finding this league hard especially with players not available for crucial games.
Eagles started attacking the Wigan line … Ryan Sorrell placing some superb kicks for his backs to run on … Matt Colee driving the pack from his number 8 position pushing the Wigan boys back to there try line..penalty to Oswestry, scrum down on the Wigan 5 Metre line. Superb pick up from Scrum half Nick Clay … off load to Matt Colee who drove into the Wigan defence and scored a great try - Ryan Sorrell converting
This spurred the visitors to play some great rugby, moving the ball quickly down the backs line, a great off load to the fast Wigan winger and a try within minutes off the Oswestry attack, not converted
But two quick ties from the Wigan team had Oswestry reeling and trying desperately to regain some composure in this game
Score 17-7
Now the Eagles got some fire in there play and attacked the Wigan line with excellent play by the whole whole team … Captain Andy Smith leading by example spurring his men on with great moves from the pack … Nick Clay getting quick ball to Ryan Sorrell at 10 ..now came the hulk Luca Owen Youens ..playing at centre for this game nothing could stop him surging through the Wigan defence and scoring a try with the help of Gaz Hughes off loading to him …
And all to play for with both teams looking at the vital gap to get the winning score before half time … penalty Wigan on the Eagles 22 … missed !!
Penalty to Oswestry with a difficult kick at the posts. Ryan Sorrell took his time, the crowd waiting in silence … BOOM over it went … score level
17-17 at half time …
Both teams now itching to get on with play. The game going from end to end … but the first try came for the Eagles with the ever dependant Scott Double scoring like a terrier going for the hole … excellent support from his men, this one not converted
With a mistake in the tackle from the Oswestry defence Wigan took advantage and broke through scoring with a difficult conversion … not gaining this one
The score now 22-22
Diean Lloyd sent off for an infringement in the scrum, muttering under his breath and not to the ref, what he thought of this decision.
Oswestry now under pressure with only 14 v 15, but holding out with superb defence.
Diean Lloyd back on and the Eagles back to full strength … another mistake but by the men from the North. Ryan Sorrell picking up this one straight through the middle … Eagles now winning this game with only minutes to go …
Then out of the Blue after both teams putting up an excellent performance the big Wigan 10 let his fast winger go down the wing out-pacing the Oswestry defence and score in the last minute of this great game … final score
Oswestry 25 Wigan 29

Nonetheless the Eagles clapped off the Wigan team knowing that this is now the way forward, players coming back to this fantastic club, heads held high with a great performance …
Next week we play Broughton Park away … Oswestry Seconds are home to Moore 2nds
KO 2.30 pm

Sat 22nd Oct Sefton 45 - 12 Oswestry Firsts - Guru

The Eagles travelled up to Sefton in this bottom of the league clash hoping for a first win this season … but the seasoned Sefton team having played in this level 7 league for a few years had other ideas.
Sefton stated their intentions straight away, attacking Oswestry with strength forcing the Eagles back to defend their try line, but to no avail Sefton cut through the defence easily scoring the first try and converting.
Oswestry now trying to regain some composure in this setback put some good moves in using the centre Ryan Sorrell kicking out of defence and spreading the ball to his backs … trying to get a way through the Sefton defence … but the Eagles losing ruck ball gave Sefton another chance to score, breaking the tackles and again scoring under the posts … converting easily.
Now the Eagles started to play using The big Full back Luca Owen Youens to punch through the Sefton defence … nearly a try from a great tactical kick from Ryan Sorrel with Tom Cockayne running the ball down … just missing the try … Oswestry now starting to get ball out to the wing. Tom Cockayne running the blind side slipped through the Sefton defence to score a try. Excellent work from the Eagles with Ryan Sorrell converting this difficult kick the score now
Unfortunately this spurred on the Sefton side and they started to push the Eagles again picking up on the mistakes from the Shropshire team .scoring another two tries just before the end of the first half …
The score 24-7
Dan Samuels the Coach for Oswestry with Gareth Barrett resigning due to work commitments … decided to give his players a talking to that would hopefully spur his team on … changing the team with the big Full back Luca Owen-Youens going to centre, hoping to punch through again with his strength and power …

Sefton now on the rampage with the big pack using the maul to great advantage scored another try … making this game a big mountain for the Eagles to climb …
Sefton now down to 14 men with one of their players sent off for giving the Eagles big number 8 Matt Colee a tap on the face. Which Matt just smiled at … but he was off … so could Oswestry take advantage? Unfortunately not the seasoned Sefton side went on to score more tries … but in all fairness the Eagles battled on with all the players trying to gain another try at least … and it came in the forms of a great team effort letting loose the giant Luca Owen-Youens battling his way toward the try line with Sefton players hanging off him desperately trying to bring him down … and the best back pass that I have seen in many a game from Luca got into the hands of the flying winger Tom Cockayne scoring down the right wing the vital try that the team needed. Not converted and the final score
The Coach Dan Samuels praising his team for a great effort in the second half …
The Lanyard Bowdler man of the match was Luca Owen-Youens …

Oswestry are at home to Wigan on Saturday 29th and we really need all the support we can get … a win under our belt will give the Eagles Confidence to crack on in this difficult league … Kick off is still 2.30 pm all welcome …

Sat 8th Oct Oswestry Firsts 10 - 23 New Brighton - Mark Jones

The Eagles welcomed a side that had played 2 levels above them and Oswestry competed well and Capt Andrew Smith commented after the game that Oswestry are good enough to stay in this league but hard work and training will be paramount.

New Brighton were in command at the start and sloppy tackling saw the ball go through the backs hands and the winger raced over to score in the corner.

Ill discipline didn’t help when the capt grabbed the scrumhalf in a ruck and then Matt Collee went in at the side of a ruck giving NB to easy kicks in front of the posts leaving Os 11-0 down after 10 mins and it looked like a real thrashing was on the cards.

Andy Howell is now back playing for the firsts and his calmness filtered through the team and they began to function as a unit. Louie McKenzie was also back from a long injury layoff and had an excellent game at scrumhalf. He dived over to score under the posts but the ref felt he had dropped it so disallowed it.

Jamie Luckett was outstanding in the tackle area and Phil Drury flew high at the lineout giving Oswestry good ball. Andy Howell kicked 2 penalties just wide before he charged down a restart and Luca Youens caught the bouncing ball to score the try.

Os then went down to 14 men with Jack Charmley having a 10 minute rest. New Brighton took advantage and from a scrum they broke through the centre to score.

Andy Howell then slotted a penalty leaving Os 8 points adrift but feeling they could take the win. The scrums were a difficult area with Oswestry the more dominant but they would still lose the odd one and New Brighton kept the pressure on and the last score with 5 minutes left closed the match

Oswestry travel to Ansellmians on the Wirral next Saturday and with the 2nds having no game the club hope to take some supporters to cheer Oswestry to their first victory

Sat 1st Oct Manchester 58 - 5 Oswestry Firsts - Guru

The Eagles played away to Manchester, 5th in the South Lancs Cheshire 1 league, whom they have never played before, the team were made very welcome by the Manchester club.

Oswestry knew this was going to be a tough match, but nonetheless fielded a young team that would not easily be intimidated by the Manchester set up …

The game started well for Oswestry with penalties being given by both sides, the lady referee was determined to stamp her authority on this game … Manchester now being spurred on by their many supporters with stands either side of this big pitch drew first blood with a well worked try, not converting this one.
Oswestry now defending against this well organised attack from Manchester. Luca Owen-Youens clearing ball with excellent defence from the Eagles. Penalty against Eagles and the Manchester 10 converted.
Now Oswestry started to put great moves together to attack this side. Ryan Sorrell at 10 letting his backs run with intent. Andy Merret at 12 scuppering through the Manchester defence with his years of experience. The young pack led by Matt Colee the new number 8 his first game at this position, saw ruck after ruck competing for the ball, Andy Smith, Captain urging his men on.
But a silly mistake from Os with a penalty given against them saw Manchester give quick ball to their backs and score the second try … converted - the score now
Oswestry still going for this game. Nick Clay now controlling the game from scrum half pushing his forwards on to give his backs the chance to probe the Manchester defence.
The ref now deciding to send one of the Eagles off for 10 minutes for an infringement in the tackle, meant 14 v 15 men, the Manchester supporters now baying for more tries while the Eagles where down.
Now another blow, with Ryan Sorrell being taken out by a Manchester player targeting him as a threat to their play. Ryan now being tended by Lottie Beard Oswestry's Physio, calling for an ambulance to take Ryan to hospital with a suspected fracture.
The ever dependable Andy Merret taking over 10 and Gaz Barrett adjusting his team accordingly.
But with the Eagles devastated by the loss of points kicker and play maker, while this young team adjusting … Manchester took advantage of this as any team would and scored another 3 tries bringing the score to
29-0 at half time.

Second Half

Oswestry at the half time talk getting ready for another 40 minutes of play .
Manchester now with their hackles up, started with a try from KO running through this much changed Oswestry team with players out of natural positions, but nonetheless showing true grit and a professionalism to the game that was exemplary. Captain Andy Smith showing that the men from the border will never give up.

Manchester scoring another 4 tries and not stepping off the gas.
The crowd of supporters still baying for more tries to push them further up the league.

However the Manchester supporters clapping the attitude of this young team, watched with surprise as Oswestry came back in the last Quarter of this match. The resilience of players to come back after being pushed back time and again is amazing … I watched a transformation of these players attacking the Manchester defence with a try not given by the young lady ref … for being held up … but the Eagles determined to show what they where made of, attacked time and again with quick ball from Andy Merret to an enhanced team that could feel the game going the Oswestry way … now Matt Colee pushing his forwards on the Manchester 5 metre line to maul over the try line … bulldozed his way through the Manchester defence scoring a great try supported by his team …
The Manchester crowd clapping the resilience of this team.
With Ryan Sorrell out … the massive 15 Luca Owen-Youens stepped forward to convert … only missing by inches …

The ref blowing up for full time and the score 58-5 ... the Oswestry players being applauded by Manchester walked off the field heads held high.

Coaches points:

Saturday's game was a hard pill to swallow really. We were quite a bit of the pace against an average side who weren't 50+ points better than us.

Again this week, you have battled right up to the final whistle and shown some real character by scoring a well worked try. We need to be a little quicker to breakdowns and fire up some game plan structure by clear out to release some quicker ball!

There were some good carries in midfield and we line broke on several occasions to initiate some attack phases from the go forward ball. However, we didn't sustain the attack due to fatigue!!

Our fitness levels for this league is very poor at the moment and is reflected in both attack and defence. Players at 1st team level should be hitting their own fitness targets outside of club training for level 7 rugby by making sure they are working on their cardio fitness and regularly reaching and maintaining PB's.

Key work on's this week will focus again on our decision making at the breakdown with improved communication. With added 1 on 1 tackling another key area to work on this week.

Keep working hard at our game and your own personal fitness we will come through this difficult patch.

Sat 24th Sep Oswestry Firsts 12 - 36 Liverpool St. Helens - Guru

Oswestry welcomed Liverpool St Helens to Granville Park with the hope of gaining the first home win this season and with two new faces in the team Matt Colee and Hamish McIntosh-Floyd things looked on the good side.

The Eagles attacked well with excellent play … Andy Merrett taking over the position of scrum half … Powering his men through the Liverpool defence, using quick ball, the backs time and again probing this tough Liverpool side. Ryan Sorrell using his boot to not only defend with great clearance balls from the Liverpool attack, but also to send his backs with deft passing through the Liverpool defence.
Then with a penalty and an Eagles scrum in the Liverpool 22 Andy Howell and Ryan Sorell using their skills along with Andy Merret, saw Merrett score on the posts with Ryan converting - the score now
Now Liverpool with hackles up started to use their experience in this South Lancs Cheshire 1 league and attack Oswestry with speed and strength. The tough number 9 powering through the Eagles defence pushing his backs left and right … then out of a very good maul the Liverpool forwards broke through and scored to bring the score level
Oswestry now on the back foot but still putting great moves and pressure on Liverpool, conceded another try just before the 1st half Whistle - the score now
2nd half and the game looked to be on ..but again this Liverpool sides experience took over the play scoring 4 more try's and Oswestry scoring in the final phase of this game - bringing the score to
36 -12
Coach Gaz Barrett commented
“Gents -
Result today flattered LSH. They're a big club with a reputation. However, for the first 20 and last 15 minutes of the game we were causing them all sorts of problems in attack.

They certainly respected us at the end of the game. With hard work and a resilient attitude to our game plan and a determination to be the best we can be will brings us through hard times.

We are a good team that is just regrouping following a loss of a few squad members and unavailabilities. We are Oswestry! Keep working at our game”

Sat 10th Sep Oswestry Firsts 16 - 54 Widnes - Guru

The Eagles started off well attacking the Widnes lines with some good interplay but failing to get that elusive try, against the team that came down a league this season playing a good defensive game … clearing the ball up to touch out of the danger area.

Now Widnes getting over the Journey down started to attack the Oswestry lines using their experienced backs well, with good communications putting the Eagles on the back foot, but defending well against the forwards of Widnes …
The first try came with a practised move from Widnes also converting

Os now getting back into this game forcing Widnes to give away penalties one of these the Dependable Fin Grogan converting … with his last game for Oswestry and given the role of Captain for the day by head coach Gaz Barrett.


The game now see-sawing back and forth with both teams putting in good attacking performances the OS pack solid as always, but with key players missing. Widnes took advantage with their experienced backs pushing the the ball out to the wings scoring another try and converting.


Widnes now scoring 3 more tries and OS getting another penalty again converted by Captain Fin Grogan and with Widnes a man down in the sin bin the half ended up Widnes leading by 35 points to 6 …


Oswestry now having to gather their energy and rethink for the second half …

Now Eagles with the team determined to put on a good performance started well again camped on the Widnes 22metres line, time and again thwarted by this tough Widnes defence … Tom Hill with his last game before going off to university desperate to get this elusive try, Nick Clay having a great game at scrum half feeding his backs the ball time and again, and it came in the guise of Full back Tom H Jones thundering up from the back of the field supported by his forwards, dived over the line to score, with the Widnes 13 being sent off for a high tackle trying to stop Tom getting his try …

The score now too much for OS to get back into this game … but none the less playing with heads held high and not giving up … Coach Gaz Barrett and supporters praising this young team for their valiant display of rugby and to quote Gaz Barrett …

“Today was a heavy loss, however it was a much improved team performance than last week's game.

Our scrum was solid and our line-out functioned a lot better. In attack, I felt we went just a little outside our structure. The defensive system needs improving, however more training together will soon put that right.

Our discipline was much improved and at times we found some easy yards when we hit target areas. It was very pleasing to see the team keep battling right to the end with nobodies head dropping. Well done!

Decision making and identifying weak areas will definitely improve the more we train and play together in the next couple of weeks. Keep working hard and believing in ourselves and the rest will fall into place.

Thank you for your efforts today!”

Final score ...


Next Saturday Oswestry travel to Southport ...

Sat 3rd Sep Manchester Medics 51 - 3 Oswestry 1sts - Gaz and Guru

From Coach Gaz Barrett ...
"With new players in the squad and new playing combinations, it was always going to be a test.

However, there were some real good periods of play that if sustained would have asked a few questions of their resolve.

Key areas for improvement this week will be our line-out and the breakdown. We showed some good defence play by using good line speed and forced 10 back inside, we just needed to move up quicker on the blindside of breakdown. This would have isolated the 10 and provided an opportunity of a turn over.

Attacking at times was a little rushed and overworked. There was some good handling produce from a couple of turn overs which resulted in a return of 50m field position."

From Guru ...
"I would like to add that even though I was absent (on my way back from France), the following should be taken into consideration ...

The team went up there with several new faces from last years team, due to holidays and a wedding of one of the first team. So at least 7 of the first team were missing ..."

Sun 8th May Oswestry Firsts 23 - 7 Ruskin 1sts - Guru


Ruskin Park travelled to Oswestry hoping to maintain their impressive win total in the Wirral league and looking to beat The Eagles on their home territory.

But the Oswestry 1sts, with an impressive team selected, had other ideas and started off attacking the Ruskin defence with great moves and speed putting Ruskin on the back foot. A penalty given close to the 22 metre line gave the Eagles first blood! Fin Grogan lining up the ball and with a sweet kick, slotted the ball through the posts.


The hundreds of supporters who had come to watch their team on this very hot day gave voice in a tumultuous wave of noise, making Granville Park a place to be.

Now Oswestry surged on by the roar of the crowd again attacked Ruskin who had never been in this position behind after only 5 minutes of play, time and time again the men from the border probed the Ruskin defence trying to find that gap that would give them a try. Andy Merrett, at centre, urging his men on. Quick balls out to the wings had Ruskin defending flat out.

Another penalty given away by Ruskin saw the Young Fin Grogan strike the ball again from a difficult angle to slot the ball through the posts.


Now Ruskin bewildered by the ferocity and skill of this Oswestry team, started to regain a bit of composure and start to play a tough northern style of rugby - quick balls through the hands probing the Eagles defence ... Zak Baldwin playing out of his skin followed by Josh Tsang, Gaz Ellis, James Booth to name but a few, heroically defending and disrupting the Ruskin attack time and again. Lots of penalties being given away by this Oswestry defence. Ruskin not opting for the posts but pushing the ball further into Oswestry territory hoping to gain advantage for a try …

And get a try they did with constant pressure on this stalwart Eagles defence a small chink in the line let them through and with a conversion the score

6-7 at half time. Now much needed water on this blistering hot day but with frequent water being given at every opportunity ... both teams playing with passion and guts.

Coach Gaz Barrett calming this situation down with wise and confident words to his team! Andy Smith, Captain of this superb team willing his men to give their all for the next 40 minutes.

Kick off and Oswestry again attacking this hard Ruskin team. Hamish fuller directing his backs like a man possessed, bringing all of his vast experience into play looking for a chink in the Ruskin armour … then it came in the form of Tom Hill - a deceptive and confident young player just turned 18, with a deft pass from Gaz Hughes sending Tom on his way to the try line, past one man then another Ruskin flaying at thin air trying to stop Tom, but with a final acceleration of speed touch down and the try Oswestry wanted!
Fin Grogan, again converting to gain maximum points. The score now 13-7, with the crowd going wild with jubilation for their team.

Ivor Hughes now coming off with a shoulder injury - Sam Wright, another very experienced player and a power house tackler, coming on to replace Ivor.

Oswestry now taking control of this game with the skill and expertise gained from many hours of training through the winter months and Gaz Barrett's coaching skills along with Dan Sams the assistant Coach, now urging their men on to stick to the game plan and overpower these men from the north with skill and determination.

Another penalty given away with the pressure Oswestry where putting on Ruskin Park.
16-7 sees the Eagles in full flight. Now - Josh Tsang off and Scott Double on. Another power house of a player to supplement this impressive Oswestry pack..

Fantastic play by the Eagles and another penalty with a yellow card for Ruskin Park saw Gaz Hughes pick up the ball and head for the try line with the pack and backs following.

TRY!! Gaz Hughes, the crowd again going absolutely wild with delight at seeing this very confident team start to dominate this game totally.
Score now 20- 7 and a hard hill to climb for Ruskin Park to get back into contention for Promotion.

Substitution - James Booth off and Fletcher Owen Youens on. Again, this is a massive contribution to the pack.
Ruskin Park is now struggling to get a clean ball, with the impressive line of Oswestry, stopping any potential attack. Another penalty given away by Ruskin Park and again the confident Fin Grogan converting ...

Final Score 23-7 and no way back for Ruskin Park’s PROMOTION TO SOUTH LANCS CHESHIRE 1

The Lanyard Bowdler man of the match Tom Hill.

Oswestry RUFC would like to thank all the supporters who came down to watch this clash of champions.

We now look forward to playing at level 7 against some very good teams in this new league ... and would invite any aspiring youngster to come training at the start of the new season, keep an eye on our new website for next Season's Fixtures OswestryRugby.co.uk

Sat 30th Apr Oswestry Firsts 5 - 7 Eagles Warrington - Guru

Oswestry travelled to Warrington to play Eagles whom they had defeated 53-12 at home with a slightly different team involving 4 Colts. Jack Charmley, Jon Wills, Thomas Henry Jones and Fintan Grogan, who all played with distinction and a quality that can only enhance the future of Oswestry rugby club and a team led by Captain Andrew Smith who has led this team to the edge of promotion with a quality of leadership that has not been seen at Oswestry for many a year.

Front row, Chris Hesketh, Andrew Smith, Josh Tsang (Guy Roberts) unable to play, quote from many a referee, the best front row forward in this league and probably the next league up.
Second Row, Luke Hassall, Gaz Ellis outstanding players in their own right.
Back three, Jack Charmley, James Booth Tom Thorpe.
The Fantastic Engine of Oswestry 1sts at Saturday's game.

Hamish Fuller number 9 nothing more to be said except outstanding.

The backs, led by Andy Merrett the best example of a mentor for the young Colts in this team.

Fin Grogan at 10 and the kicker for Oswestry in a class on his own.

Sam wright, Jon Wills, Jamie Luckett, Thomas Henry Jones providing the backs for Oswestry.

Subs on this day Luke Chunk Roberts, Deian Lloyd-Hughes, Fletcher Owen-Youens who provided exemplary and outstanding rugby when asked by Coach Gareth Barrett to bolster this team from the border.

The game, even though Oswestry lost, was one of the finest example of self-control, professionalism and honouring the rules of rugby, was played by a team that was subjected to an outright disregard for the respect of rules and etiquette of rugby that I have seen in many a year ... with two players being issued red cards the ultimate disgrace in the game.

The Lanyard Bowdler Man-of-the-Match was Josh Tsang.

The following message is sent to the 1st team, from Coach Gareth Barrett:

Gentlemen of Oswestry Rugby Club.


Congratulations on your achievement of runners up in the league!

Thank you very much for effort and hard work you have all put in for today's game and all season. The result wasn't the win we wanted, however, we may find that a losing bonus point from a 7-5 defeat, may prove to be extremely rewarding when it comes to the venue for play off.

The discipline you all displayed in very provoking circumstances speaks volumes of your character as not just individuals but as a team. I am extremely proud of you all.

What was really pleasing was the display of our young Colts' mature attitude - simply first class.

However we still made some poor decision in our game that allowed them certain plays and definitely a score that they really should not have had. Even so, there was 15 minutes of sheer determination to stop them scoring on our own line that was just brilliant.

Let's make sure we get promoted.

Great Attitude! Great People! Great Team!

Diolch yn fawr

Gareth Barrett

The play off will be played against Ruskin Park the venue not yet decided on either This Saturday 7th May or Saturday 14th May ... the date and venue will be published on the Oswestry Rugby Club website, when known.

Sat 23rd Apr Oswestry Firsts 0 - 18 Droitwich - Guru

The Eagles with 7 first team players missing for this plate competition against Droitwich a league level above them, were still able to field a team that involved 5 colts and 4 players from the pool of seconds and thirds, a testimony to the strength of Oswestry Rugby Club.

The game started with Droitwich attacking the Eagles with determination to gain the upper hand knowing that this young team could possibly give way to the heavier pack of the men from the Midlands who, with their constant bombardment of scrummaging and tough play, scored in the corner with a pushover try, not converting this one.

With a talk from Andy Merret and support from the experienced men playing in this match the next 30 minutes saw the Oswestry men outclass and outrun Droitwich, with excellent play from James Anderson, Zac Baldwin and Colts Jack Charmley, Jon Wills, Ryan Maddocks, Connor Watkins (subbing) Tom Henry Jones (subbing) hold their own against Droitwich, but with penalties being given to both teams that elusive try for the Eagles never came and the heavier pack of Droitwich saved them from the onslaught.

One of these penalties saw Droitwich kick deep into the Eagles defence which culminated in another push over try for the opposition, this one converted.

The game continued with the Eagles desperate for the try, but the ref’s whistle again stopping all scoring effort from this Oswestry team.

Halftime and subs being given a chance to show their merit for the Eagles with Jamie Luckett and Tom Henry Jones coming on to bolster the Eagles, but with another try and penalty saw this game in the N Mids competition slipping away from them. But none the less holding their own in this tough match, with 10 minutes to go Connor Watkins at front row came on with his first appearance for the Eagles, a young Colt replacing Scott Double who played a vital role in supporting the colts and the first team …

Again, the Eagles with heads up and hearts proud, never stopped playing one hundred per cent for Oswestry Rugby club … But the final whistle with the score 18-0 saw Droitwich go through to the next round.

Congratulations to all the Oswestry players who gave their all to play in this tough match.

The Lanyard Bowdler man-of-the-match Colt, Jack Charmley.

Next week Saturday 30th April Oswestry travel away to Eagles (Warrington) in the final leagues match of Cheshire South, with Oswestry going through to the play-offs looking for promotion to South Lancs Cheshire 1.

Sat 16th Apr Oswestry Firsts 53 - 12 Eagles - Guru

Oswestry, now playing their penultimate game at home in the South Cheshire League, were looking to keep the best home record in this league with another win and not a loss, at Granville Park.

Eagles, from Warrington, a big Rugby league area, looked big and strong, posing a challenge to the men from the Welsh border.

The game started on a fabulous sunny day for rugby with the Eagles side hitting Oswestry hard, trying to catch them on the back foot, but the Oswestry defence held the lines, defending well and thwarting any attack, frustrating the eagles with a superb counter attack. The ball offloaded to Tom Hill - his debut game at full back - mesmerising the Eagles defence totally outpacing them to score under the posts… Fin Grogan converting.


Again, Eagles kicked-off penetrating the Oswestry defence. Superb communication and outstanding defence from everyone in this very strong Oswestry team proved impenetrable. A mistake from Eagles saw superb interplay from the ruck let loose the midfield vice-Captain Gaz Hughes to score in the corner… Not converted.


Just after the kick-off, Eagles had a chance to score 3 points with a penalty given away, which they missed. Now Oswestry started to dominate this side from Warrington with excellent flowing rugby. The forwards led by Captain Andy Smith and Hamish Fuller at scrum half gathering his men urging them forward. Zac Baldwin, Gaz Ellis and Mike Davies disrupting the Eagles play and letting loose another try from an excellent run by Jamie Luckett… Not converting this one.


Again Eagles Kicked off wondering how they could stop this well-oiled Oswestry machine from totally outclassing them… Chris Heskey received the Ball with a deft offload to his Captain. The big front row forward now deciding to take on the mantle of No. 10, Fin Grogan by kicking a sweet clearance ball from the Oswestry 22 meter line way past the Eagles 22 metre line giving his men another crack at a try… Try they did with the ball being swiftly passed along the line of backs waiting to dismantle any any defence they had. Fin Grogan offloading to the effervescent Andy Merret passing to Gaz Hughes near the Eagles 5 metre line. Chris Heskey taking the ball at pace, bulldozing his way through to score in the corner… Fin Grogan Converting.


Again and again this flying rugby from Oswestry's backs… with Tom Hill creating space, with his pace and skill. The backs following and supporting forwards to the breakdown rucking and quick ball, putting the Eagles under pressure, created another move from the on-form Jamie Luckett scoring with ease in the corner… No conversion.


Second half continued in the same vain with Oswestry dominating play and the Eagles frustrated at not getting the ball, using Rugby league tactics to try and slow this game down to their pace. Zac Baldwin being targeted by the big and slow number 8, however Baldwin getting up shaking off these tactics and showing the only way to combat this is play rugby and win…

With more try's from Tom Hill, Jamie Luckett, Mike Davies and Gaz hughes, the Oswestry men with bonus points from this game continued to press the Eagles defence.

But finally, with 10 minutes to go the Eagles caught the Oswestry defence with gaps and scored two tries - the final score…


The Lanyard Bowdler man-of-the-match was Zac Baldwin.

Next week there are three games at home, with Oswestry 1sts V Droitwich in the quarter-finals of the North Midlands Shield Plate competition.

Sat 2nd Apr Oswestry Firsts 79 - 5 Vagabonds (IoM) - Mark Jones

Gents this report was written in haste by Mark Jones who only turned up at half time, but thank you Mark, so apologies for any mistakes or match inaccuracies, I was away at memorial.

The Eagles routed Ramsey to keep themslves 2nd in the league behind Manchester Medics, Os have 83 points to Medics 90 and it’s the lack of bonus points that makes the difference.

Ramsey rather shocked Os when their centre blasted through to score the first try of the game giving them a 5-3 lead with 10 minutes on the clock.

The Eagles always defend their Eyrie and soon picked up the pace on a sticky pitch, man of the match Ivor Hughes was passed the ball and easily outpaced the Vagabonds winger to score in the corner.

Outstanding fullback Luca Youens always looked dangerous and he bounced off two tackles to score, before stalwart clubman Chris Heskey smuggled the ball over the line to take the score to the 20 mark.

Centre Aiden Grienola showed superb skill from quick ruck ball, seeing the space
and side-stepping through the Vagabonds to give the homeside a 25-5 halftime lead and a bonus point for 4 tries.

Gaz Hughes was keen to get on the score sheet and his determined running saw him outpacing this Vagabonds defence to notch up another score.

Ramsey looked like they wanted to be back on the flight home as they were now trotting from behind the posts to the halfway line on a regular basis.

The giant fullback Luca Youen Owens now continuously running at the Vagabonds defence causing mayhem time and time again.

Winger James Anderson was the recipient of a lovely exchange of passes and he scorched once again over the line.

Colt Dan Morgan then came on as sub and scored with his first touch of the ball after another flowing move.

Ivor Hughes then thought he was back to his football days with Ellesmere Rangers and dribbled a loose ball over the line from 40 metres out.

Oswestry's international flavour came to the fore when after an English man, Welsh man and an Aussie had scored tries.

Hamish Fuller now in full swing scored after a deft kick through by Fin Grogan.

The match was still not finished but Ramsey were out for the count, Luke Hassel and James Anderson scoring the 11th and 12th home sides tries

The Lanyard Bowdler Man of the Match was Ivor Hughes
Final score Oswestry 79 Vagabonds 5

Next the Eagles are away to Vagabonds (IOM)

Sat 19th Mar Moore 23 - 22 Oswestry Firsts - Guru

Eagles lose by 1 point in this tough game against The Gentlemen of Moore

Oswestry travelled to Moore hoping to win this game in the chase for top spot in Cheshire South League.

But the men from Moore had other ideas with a completely changed team from the one that visited Oswestry at their home ground, with Moore now calling an all the support they could, organising a past players Wives and Girlfriends party to drum up support.

The game started with Oswestry attacking Moore, Ivor Hughes nearly scoring in the first minute with a great move from centre putting him in position to speed past the Moore defence, but the ref judged a Knock-on ball!!

Moore got the first chance to score with a penalty given away, for the Moore number 10, Lewis to score 3 points.


But Oswestry came back with a well worked try from Aiden Gruenole mesmerising the Moore defence with a dummy pass, Dan Morgan following Aiden nutmeg-ing the Moore defence, scoring in the corner - no conversion.


Now Eagles had the Moore defence on the back foot out-scrummaging them and working great pick up and drive moves, but against play, again Moore took a penalty Kick. Their number 10 slotting a great kick for them …


Captain Andy Smith now rallying his team to sort out the play and move on … then with a quick ball from 9 Hamish Fuller out to Gaz Ellis then on to Ivor Hughes kicking the ball ever nearer the Moore try line. Captain Andy Smith gathering the ball and bulldozing his way through the Moore Defence, scored near the posts, with Fin Grogan converting this one …

12-6 to Eagles

With play still being dictated by Eagles and the Moore crowd baying at the referee to change decisions a try scored by a great kick again from Ivor Hughes with a pick up from Zac Baldwin was judged to have been knocked on, by the crowd and the ref, who was 30 meters behind play, gave the knock on.

The boot of the number 10 Lewis kept Moore out of trouble and proved to give Moore the chance for a try and with the conversion at half time the score was …

12-13 to Moore

With Gaz Barrett calming the Oswestry men, positive thinking and keeping to the game plan, Nick Clay who was injured earlier came off, with Jamie Luckett coming on and James Anderson also coming on … saw the Eagles attacking against a tough Moore side spurred on by the supporters … but an excellent move from the centre involving Luca Owen Youens, Dan Morgan, Aiden Grenoule, switching ball left and right … the Oswestry strong pack, picking up the ruck ball near Moore 5 meter line … saw James Spicey Anderson dart through the Moore defence and score a try, well worked from the whole team … Fin Grogan Converting …

19-13 … and all to play for …
Moore now sensing this game was not going their way, started to use the talented 10 Lewis putting Oswestry on the back foot … but the Eagles defence holding up tight, however, to his surprise the Moore 12 saw a gap in the Eagles defence and pushed through to score a good try … Converted and the score now


This game was getting tight … but a penalty to Oswestry made the score

22-20 with only 5 minutes to go, again another penalty to Moore gave them the advantage the crowd screaming at the ref to blow the whistle! The score now


Moore winning this game by the 1 point Margin with Oswestry still in with a chance with 4 games left to play …

The Lanyon Bowdler Man of the Match Zac Baldwin

There are no games Easter Weekend … the next game for the Eagles is Ramsey Isle of Man at home 2nd April 2016

Sun 13th Mar Oswestry U13 Girls at Rugby Festival at Winnington Park -

Sunday 13th March was the date for the first game for Oswestry Under 13’s girls team. The sun was shining and the weather warm and the girls were excited about playing. We were entered into the U13 Rugby Festival at Winnington Park so it was not just going to be one match but four, all against teams that have been playing regularly all season.
First up was Manchester and they soon got their big girls running hard and straight at our defence, punching holes and scoring a couple of tries. Oswestry could not match their power but could outdo them with speed and so Georgia sidestepped her way through their team to score and with Oswestry having learnt that you have to take the big girls down low, the game finished 5- 4 to Oswestry and a win in their first game.
The girls now knew what girls rugby was like and next up was Littleborough. Big tackles were going in by Jess and Eve to stop Littleborough and strong running by Hattie meant the final score was Oswestry 3 Littleborough 2.
After a break for food and a photo with the U20 Rugby World Cup, Leek were the next opponents. This was a really close game, strong running but superb defence meant that tries were going to be hard to come by but eventually Leek broke through, only for Georgia to come sprinting across from the far wing with a superb cover tackle and somehow managing to roll the girl onto her back as she slid across the line, strip the ball in one fluid movement and then start a counter attack from her own goal line much to the amazement of the referee, players and spectators. Leek did score after a period of pressure and Oswestry restarted with one play remaining and ran through their defence to level the scores and earn a well deserved draw.
Burton were our final opponents and showing their experience and pace and were soon 3 -1 up. Oswestry though were not finished and with with growing grit and determination, played as well as they could to get back on terms. Strong running and some slick passing from Tiannie , who only started playing a few weeks ago, got Oswestry back in the game to win Oswestry 4 Burton 3.
This was a great performance from the Oswestry girls. Not only did they play better and better as the day went on but with only having 5 girls they had to welcome 2 different players from other teams every match. The girls did this with great friendliness and ensured they were valued members of their team and played as a team of 7. Thanks to the girls from Trentham, Burton and Leek who played for us and made our day a very enjoyable one and Winnington Park for getting 15 different U13 girls teams there.
The Marches School
St Martin's School, Shropshire
Lakelands School
Oswestry School
Ellesmere College
The Corbet School
Adcote school
Moreton Hall

Sat 12th Mar Oswestry First 39 - 11 Vagabonds (IoM) - Guru

Vagabonds took the long Journey from the Isle of Man, chasing Oswestry in the Cheshire South league in 3rd place with Oswestry still 2nd close on Manchester Medics heels..

A great day for Rugby, with the 6 Nations competition also hotting up with the Vital
England V Wales match on this day as well.

Oswestry started off with total commitment attacking the Vagabond lines with intent and gameplay showing the men from across the water this wasn't going to be an easy game for them, a superb move from Fin Grogan laying off the ball to his number 12 Andy Merrett, culminated in a superb try from the Scrum half Hamish Fuller, Fin Grogan converting sweetly from the Corner..


This try galvanised Vagabonds into ferocious play attacking the Eagles with intent and good game play, passing the ball, offloading and Mauling well, but great defence and discipline kept the Manx men off the try line, Hamish and Fin clearing ball time and again, giving a breather to the Eagles and regaining composure, looking to score again.

A penalty to Oswestry on the Vagabonds 22, saw Fin Grogan again converting and taking the score to …


Again the Vagabonds attacked the Eagles with some excellent moves from the forwards pushing the men from the border back, but missed opportunities from them could not get through the Oswestry defence, now a mistake by the Eagles gave them a chance for points and convert they did.

10-3 game on !!

With the Vagabonds still pushing, Luca Owen-Youens took the ball in the Eagles 22 starting one of his strong runs and kicking the ball way past the Vagabonds defence immediately putting Vagabonds on the back foot, throw in and Oswestry turned over the line out, Scott Double, Gaz Ellis, Mike Davies, And James Booth, outstanding in the maul and Ruck, with Hesky Tsang and Keaveny making life difficult for the Manx men … it was from one of these rucks that an outstanding try from Zac Baldwin, helped by Scott Double darting through the Vagabonds defence to score another try … This not converted …

15-3 half time

Now Oswestry had the bit between their teeth and started to put together excellent displays of moves, offloads, rucking and mauling that gave the supporters something to shout and give good support to their team, Coach Gaz Barrett changed Mike Keaveny for Guy Roberts keeping the front three strong.

However another converted penalty gave the visitors hope.


But with the strength of character emanating from the powerful play by Oswestry, started to take it’s toll on the Vagabonds team, with again superb play from the whole team culminating again in another try by the agile and quick winger Jamie Luckett, not converted.


Now with Strength of character from Vagabonds they attacked from the Kick-off, but the discipline of this Oswestry team told time and again that no team was going to beat them at home, excellent clearances, from Grogan Fuller and Full back Youen-Owens gave the Eagles chance to reply to this strong team, with again another try From Zac Baldwin, Fin Grogan converting bring the score to


Now Eagles on the rampage putting excellent game play and moves from training that Coach Dan Samuels has been concentrating on in the last few weeks and from one of these training moves with excellent off-loading mesmerising the Vagabond defence.
Mike Davies at second row scored another try, not converted.


Coach Gareth Barrett now changing the players around, Scott Double and Gaz Hughes off with Nick Clay and Fletcher Youen-Owens coming on … just after this transition, Vagabonds came back with an excellent push over try in the Oswestry corner, proving that there was still fight and passion in them, heads held high and wanting to play, not converted.


Again The Eagles attacked the Vagabonds’ lines pushing them backwards stepping up the intensity and play to show the supporters and coaches that this team is one of the best in the league and contention for 1st place is still on the books … but now again the partnership of Luca Owen-Youens and winger Ivor Hughes showed what teams are up against in the strong Oswestry side with a fantastic try from Hughes Fin Grogan converting …
Leaving the final score

During play one of the Vagabonds player was injured, Physio Lottie Beard attended him and got him up and moving, but unfortunately he wasn't to take part in the rest of the match … we wish him well and a speedy recovery.

Lanyon Bowdler man of the match was the effervescent Andy Merret

Next week the Eagles are away to Moore, another tough match …

The club will be open with the seconds at home and the 6 Nations on, so why not come down and sample the club hospitality.

Sat 5th Mar Oswestry Firsts 17 - 13 Trentham -

Eagles scrape through a narrow win against 8th place Trentham.

It was doubtful that this game was going to be played with the pitch in bad condition,

But for once the sun shone and by KO Time the pitch was playable … Trentham had come to the home ground of Oswestry determined to give the Eagles a good game and they certainly gave the 2nd in the Cheshire league team a shock, by scoring a very good pushover try on the corner, not converting this one.

5-0 Trentham

But true to form Eagles came back with a try straight from Kick off a great move from ruck with Hamish Fuller’s Rocket pass to Andy Merrett at 12 saw Andy move the ball on to Gaz Hughes running to pick the ball cleanly - then on to his twin Brother Ivor the speedy left winger who was already gathering speed, past two Trentham backs with mesmerising foot work to score near the Posts ... the steady boot of Fin Grogan slotted the ball sweetly between the posts.

7-5 Oswestry

The game continued with both sides looking to find gaps in defences that where stopping the vital next try, again penalties and infringements not helped with the pitch cutting up. However, Oswestry where pushing the big pack of Trentham back in the scrum and from one of these moves with a sweet offload from Fin Grogan saw the ball pass through quick hands to the Full back Luca Owen-Youens who was bulldozing his way through the Trentham defence running like the wind to score under the posts.

Fin Grogan again converting

14-5 and Oswestry in control

Second half and Trentham looking to up their game Coach Dan Samuels replacing Diean Lloyd -Hughes with Scott Double in the pack, a silly penalty given away by the home team gave Trentham the start they wanted, with another 3 points


Now Trentham with the bit between their teeth started to push Oswestry to the back foot, defending heroically stopping the men from Stoke crossing the line, a great clearance from Fin Grogan saw the Eagles back in kicking zone for any penalties … and penalty they got with Fin again converting from distance.


Now Trentham desperate for at least a losers bonus point, where camped in the Oswestry half using every tactic they could to get this vital try the needed, but again and again Eagles repelled them with great defence and clearance by Hamish fuller box kicking the Oswestry men out of trouble.

With 5 minutes or less to go the Shropshire men where only metres away from scoring another try, when the Trentham 10 cleared his line and a long boot down the pitch put Oswestry on the back foot, the frantic Coach of Trentham screaming for his men to get down there and push the home team back.

And in all fairness they deserved the push over try they got, not converted and the Final score

Oswestry 17 Trentham 13

The Lanyard Bowdler man of the match was Chris Heskey

Next Saturday The Eagles have Vagabonds at Home – Kick-off 2pm

Also England V Wales KO 4pm at the club ... come down and watch.

Sat 20th Feb Heaton Moor 25 - 13 Oswestry Firsts -

Eagles travelled to Heaton Moor, South Manchester, on a wet and miserable day, to play a side 7th in the league, but came up against a very well organised team who attacked Oswestry from the start using good tactics to keep the Eagles from their try line.

Heaton gave away a silly penalty for young Fin to slot through the posts 3-0 and all to play for, now Heaton showing the Oswestry men the power of their Mauling with a strong pack near the Oswestry try line pushing the Ball over for the first try of the game converting this one.


With Heaton now gaining confidence they pushed the Oswestry men to their back feet having to defend, but stalwartly keeping the opposition from the try line. A good move from Heaton offloading and passing the ball through the backs saw the Heaton winger pass the Oswestry backs and score in the corner, no conversion on this one ..


Eagles came back from the depths with heads up wanting to show Heaton the strength of the pack and backs - this they did clawing back a penalty which Fin Grogan converted from a difficult position.


Oswestry started to push Heaton back to their own try line and good solid play from the pack led by scrum-half Hamish Fuller urging his men forward, trying all the moves to dismantle this Heaton defence. The rain was now constant, with the pitch cutting up giving the referee a problem in seeing who was who in the mud.

Eagles attacking the try line rucking and mauling with intent to get over the line and get over the line they did when Captain Andy Smith bulldozed his way through the Heaton defence, men hanging on to try and stop this man from scoring .. but score he did and Fin once again slotting the ball through the posts..

13-12 to Oswestry and half-time ..

All to play for in this second half but the weather now worse than ever and the rain once again cutting up the pitch, play was brought down to the basics with both teams now trying to gain possession of the slippery ball, but on this day Heaton Moor proved to be the better team, kicking well over the back of the men from Oswestry and pushing them time and again on to the back foot. Both teams bring on substitutes to give a rest for tired leg..

Heaton Moor with the bit between their teeth and on home ground scored twice and a penalty given away saw the the final score 25-13. Heaton over the moon at having beaten the top of the league.

The Eagles still showing discipline and strength of character to stay within 2 points of Manchester Medics, looking to improve next Saturday against Eagles RUFC from Warrington and now the third game away..

The Lanyon Bowdler Man of the Match Captain Andy Smith.

Don't forget you can come down to the clubs and watch the 6 Nations games this coming weekend ...

Sat 13th Feb Oswestry V Marple - Guru

Eagles took the long Journey to Marple knowing this one was not going to be easy, not having won at Marple for a couple of seasons, the game started as the big Marple boys with home advantage, attacked the Oswestry men testing the defence with big rucks fast ball and plenty of penalties, it was the start they where looking for but the Eagles defence stood firm and resolute, Fin Grogan clearing ball time and again, Hamish Fuller desperate to get his forwards working.

And try they did with Zac Baldwin and Ivor Hughes chasing the ball down the wing, Zac picking up difficult ball and offloading to Ivor already running flat out with Zac ..try And the Oswestry men relieved at some of the pressure taken off not converted


kick off to Marple who again put pressure on the men from the border the ref continually blowing the whistle for either ball not straight at the throw in or hands in the ruck..Penalty to Marple, kick for posts with an easy range, 3 points for Marple .

Now Oswestry got rid of any cobwebs from the journey and starting to put the pressure back on Marple, with the Marple supporters trying to put the Eagles off their stride with doubtful comments to the Oswestry men, Eagles keeping their discipline rising above this and proving why they are top of this Cheshire league, the Giant full back Luca Owen-Youens started on one of his runs with Zac Baldwin and his forwards supporting any breakdown, again and again attacking the Marple defence ...then out of nowhere Zac Baldwin darted through the shaky Marple defence and dived over the try line triumphantly, another try and nearer bonus point, Fin not converting

10 -3

Lots of tough play in the centre both from Marple and Oswestry, Marple where not giving up on their home patch, a good move from them saw a gap in the Oswestry defence and scored in the corner ..this was converted...

10 - 10

Half time and the Eagles not used to this score at this stage, with coach Gaz Barratt and Captain Andy Smith now giving good advice and confidence in the team to get on with this game and finish it .with the boys knowing the had not got out of breath in the first half !!! Ivor Hughes coming off and Nick Clay on the wing going on.

KO to Marple straight into,the hands of Luca Owen-Youens, Mistake ! Luca now running at full speed through the dazed Marple defence handing off three players and running through the final man Scoring with 30 seconds of the start..not converted


Eagles now in full swing and but for tactics from Marple stopping and spoiling the game desperate not to let any more try's from this on song team, again the Oswestry machine took the Marple men to task and superb rucking and mauling from the forwards quick ball to the backs, moves in training coming to the game and mesmerising the Marple defence, once again the partnership of Zac Baldwin the Oswestry number 7 and the 15 Full back Luca in a breakdown near the Marple line proved to much ..TRY and Luca calmly picking up ball smiling at the Marple men !!


Oswestry now in full control of this game changing two players Scott Double and Luke Hassal going on for Jamie Luckett and Fletcher Owen-Youens fresh legs to this team, pressing Marple into making silly mistakes, the supporters now baying unfair unfair !! But two penalties in succession saw the able boot of Fin Grogan slot through the post 6 points in as many minutes..bringing the score to 26-10 and the men from Oswestry still at the top of Cheshire South with Manchester Medics also winning their game still second.

Final score 26-10 to The Eagles

The Lanyon Bowdler man of the Match Fletcher Owen-Youens for his outstanding support of his forwards.

Next week The Eagles are away to Heaton Moor

Sat 6th Feb Oswestry 1sts 49 - 0 Knutsford - Guru

Knutsford came to Granville Park arriving late and with only 12 men, not the best way to prepare to play the potential Cheshire South league leaders, however the referee decided that according to RFU rules we play on with 13 to their 12, with some of the Oswestry men not best pleased, Zac Baldwin muttering words of disgust, which cannot be printed here.

The game started with Oswestry in total control of this game and attacking the Knutsford men with intent to get points and get points they did, although the pitch was already cutting up and play was certainly going to be difficult in the high wind and continuing rain.

A smart move from the pack and a quick ball to the wing saw the speedy Ivor Hughes score a try cutting through the Knutsford defence giving them no chance of stopping him.
Fin Grogan on form and slotting the ball cleanly through the posts.


Straight after this try more Knutsford men turned up to make a game of this, 15 men on the pitch with the Eagles now at full strength and looking to put more points from this match.

With the Oswestry team pushing Knutsford back towards their try line, the giant full back Luca Owen-Youens took a kick off from Knutsford and started on one of his determined runs to the try line handing off several Knutsford defenders before some agile play with his backs saw Luca run around the Knutsford boys and score under the posts, Fin Grogan again converting.


Now the Oswestry machine continued on their way to winning this game and the power play by this awesome pack lead by Captain Andy Smith and directed by the capable scrum half Hamish fuller saw another quick ball out to the wing, Ivor hughes taking it cleanly in this mud controlled game ...scoring again past the helpless Knutsford defence, Fin Grogan Converting a difficult one from the corner.


Half time and the Knutsford men wondering what they could do to stop the Oswestry onslaught.

Coaches Gaz Barratt and Andy Merrett gave their half time talk asking the Oswestry team to increase the pressure and get the bonus points and numbers on the board.

Which they duly did with tries from Luca Owen-Youens, Captain Andy Smith spotted a gap in the Knutsford defence and ran in from the 22mtrs line, a great try resulting from Fin Grogan chipping the ball over the Knutsford defence with a cheeky run through and spotting the ball in the centre of the posts. Fletcher Owen-Youens also scoring with a great move from his forwards allowing him the pleasure of scoring just wide of the posts.

Final score 49-0 bonus points and the Eagles top of Cheshire south by 3 points from Manchester Medics with 9 games left to play, it's not over yet but this disciplined performance against a poor Knutsford side only goes to show the team spirit comradeship and the endeavour to play every game as it comes, without losing the passion respect and love of this wonderful game we play.

Congratulations to Dan Morgan getting the Lanyard Bowdler man of the match and also welcome Aiden Guenole with his debut for Oswestry.

Next week the Eagles travel to Marple for a tough away game. Oswestry 2nds entertain Holmes Chapel, with the club being open for the 6 nations competition, come down and support your local rugby club.


Oswestry 1st XV 8 - 6 Manchester Medics.

Gran Morgan Park was entertaining it's Vice Presidents on a day that was going to be a top of the league clash between the unbeaten at home, on form side Oswestry Eagles and top of the League, high scoring on form side Manchester Medics.

The Medics arrived early to prepare themselves for what they knew, would not be an easy game for them.. With Oswestry coming on to the pitch through a cheering guard of honour provided by the juniors.........the future of our club.

Medics kicked off with a bitter side wind blowing hard across the field, the Gran Morgan stadium packed with supporters cheering their side on.

Eagles received the ball and started to attack and probe the Medics defence. The Medics were pushed back towards their 22, defending well, but the Oswestry men continued their assault with great purpose showing the crowd great handling, rucking and clever off loading. Hamish Fuller, scrum half and perhaps the leader of the best pack in the league, started and continued fantastic passes to his centres and wingers hoping to get through this Manchester defence.

The game continued in this vain with both teams attacking and defending their territory, time and again the Eagles on top of this game found either a knock on or penalty stopped the attack with both teams in the scrum as good as each other.

Despite Oswestry's efforts, it was the Medics who were the first team to score in this gigantic battle, with a penalty given away in a kickable position. The Medics kicker knowing he had to score to stop the Eagles onslaught, slotted a great kick through the posts for Medics.


Now great play by Andy Smith's pack on this muddy pitch saw number 8 James Booth rally his men with superb rucks and mauls. Fletcher Owen-Youens, Mike Davies, Zac Baldwin, Scott Double playing out of their Skins, the great front row of Hesky, Smith and Roberts holding the front row position as there own, Hamish Fuller passing ball to his now Trusty 10 Fin "The Boot" to shoot Grogan slipping the ball to 12 the dependable Andy Merrett, using his centre Gaz Hughes, to distribute quick ball to the left wing, twin brother Ivor Hughes and right wing Nick Clay with the powerful Luca Owen-Youens at 15 backing up the defence, Luke Hassall now taking Fletchers position at second row only kept this superb pack moving forward.

Penalty for the Shropshire men with a difficult kick for Fin Grogan......slotted with a mean kick through the posts.


Now the Manchester men knew this was a battle till the end, with the coach giving instructions to his men, hoping to get to grips with this powerful Oswestry side. The half time whistle bringing respite and relief for the Medics.

Score 3 all in this enthralling game.

Eagles kick off facing the Clubhouse. Supporters looking on, egging their team on to get points from this tough encounter. With a rallying talk from Coach Dan Samuels and advice from old heads Hamish Fuller, Andy Merrett and Captain Andy Smith, Oswestry kick to the Medics. It is now their turn to attack the border men with a purpose and ferocity that put Oz on the back foot, but the Eagles kept their discipline and soaked up the tremendous pressure from this top of the league team, time and again with mistakes made by both teams, the Eagles held their lines, the Medics coach again retaining his composure issuing instructions, trying to find a weakness in the Oswestry team.

A mistake near the posts gave Medics an opportunity to slot another 3 points against the Oswestry men.


Now everything to play for but with a yellow card to Manchester and down to 14 men, Oswestry started to attack their lines and push towards the try line.
Medics thwarted the Eagles time and time again from crossing their try line ..the game now swinging from end to end with both teams using all their skill to penetrate, but the team from the North could not get through the tough and dependable Oswestry defence.

Now time was getting towards that final whistle and it looked like a win for the Medics.
No tries in this game for either team. With Oswestry clearing their lines with a magnificent boot from Fin Grogan, the Eagles captured the ball and started to penetrate from halfway, two quick rucks from great play by Hamish Fuller to Number 10 Fin Grogan through the capable hands of Andy Merret, twin Gaz Hughes with excellent control a quick pass to twin brother Ivor, saw Ivor go for this vital try with only a minute left, handing off two Medics grasping at the wind. Ivor, with 20 metres to the try line and the big Medics full back gaining ground on an angled run to intercept, saw Ivor change direction and dive over the try line to score the vital winning points in the league supremacy battle.

Score 8-6 to the Eagles with the final whistle only seconds away.
No conversion on this one ..

The crowd stood and clapped to show their appreciation of both teams in this hard fought game.

The Medics left Oswestry having not scored a try in a game for the first time this season.
By way of consolation, they gained a losers' bonus point, leaving Oswestry trailing them by two points, but with a game in hand.

It's going to be a fight to the end, but with this superb win over the league leaders, the battle for the top spot is on .

The Lanyon Bowdler man of the match was Hamish Fuller.

Coach and Captain congratulating the 18 men from Oswestry on a well fought game, we look forward to another game at home on the 6th Feb against Knutsford.

Come down and watch this exciting game from your local rugby team. The 6 nations will be televised at the club after the match, so why not enjoy pleasant company and watch the game in the club.

Sat 23rd Jan Linley 0 - 57 Oswestry Firsts - Guru

Eagles win convincingly at Linley

The Eagles traveled to Linley looking to get bonus points from this game, but Linley to start had different ideas, attacking The Oswestry men from the Kick off, but the stalwart defence of the Eagles kept the Staffordshire men at bay.

A high tackle from Linley gave a penalty to Oswestry and Fin Grogan kicked for touch deep in the Linley half with a chance kick from Hamish Fuller on a loose ball gave Fin following the ball a run in to score the first try not converting this one ..

Oswestry now in full control of this game and from the Kick off deep into Eagles half saw Chris Heskey quick pass to Luca Owen-Youens from the Oswestry 22 running through the Linley defence like a hot knife through butter and scoring under the posts with the boot of Fin Grogan converting


Then again from the Kick off with some fantastic handling and superb off loading by the Oswestry team saw the lightning speed of Ivor Hughes cut through the Linley defense and scored under the posts Fin again converting.


Now the Eagles had complete control of this game with Linley floundering and wondering what they could do to stop this onslaught from the Border men and with excellent play from the forwards, saw James Booth push through the maul near the try line and dive over for the Eagles fourth try and bonus points ..Fin not converting this difficult kick.

Kick off again from Lynley saw the Oswestry men move the ball through the whole team with Lynley not getting any hope of this ball and then we saw Zac Baldwin taking an amazing ball from his pack, run through the Lynley defense and score again near the posts, Fin Converting....

The game continued in this vain with the Linley men struggling to get into the Oswestry half, with great tries from Josh Tsang and another two tries from Luca Owen - Youens, bringing the score to 52-0 in this first half...

The second half started again with the Eagles in Control with Luke Hassal and Nick Clay coming off to be replaced by Fletcher Owen-Youens and Dan Morgan ..

The game on this muddy pitch slowed down with the Linley men trying hard to get past this Oswestry team, but unfortunately the game deteriorated resulting in Oswestry being penalised for various offences, however Oswestry kept their discipline and played the game with Andy Smith team Captain controlling his men and telling them to keep to the the game plan and not to get frustrated. But the crowning try in this half was taken by the prop Chris Hesketh from a magnificent maul by the Eagles close to the Linley line, Chris then pouncing on the ball like a young gazelle in full flight and scored the only try in the second half.

Leaving the final score 57-0 with Scott Double getting man of the match for his superb contribution to beating Linley ..

Next week Saturday 30th Jan 2016 sees a top of the league Clash with Oswestry playing Manchester Medics leading by 5 points with Oswestry a game in hand...

So come down and support your local team in a friendly and warm environment ..

Sat 9th Jan Oswestry Firsts 19 - 5 Dukinfield - Guru

Oswestry travelled to Cheshire South league leaders Dukinfield hoping to get a back to back win over their rivals for the league.

The game started as expected with the big Dukinfield men attacking the Eagles with aggression and pace, pushing Oswestry to defend their try line with venom and guts, holding the ball up on the Oswestry try line, Hamish fuller clearing the ball, giving the Oswestry men a brief respite.

Zac Baldwin and the pack now putting bodies on the line, keeping the Dukinfield team at bay, the Eagles starting to put together some great moves and handling, off-loading players to get nearer the Dukinfield try line, Captain Andy Smith urging the pack and his team onward.

Zac Baldwin off for a blood injury. Jamie Ellis on for a brief time while Lottie Beard urgently repairing Zac's Blood injury. Zac now back on and making his presence felt once more in the ruck and mauls ... Now penalties being given for handling and offside errors on this muddy pitch. Penalty awarded to the Eagles in a good kicking position. Fin Grogan pointing at the posts indicating to the ref that he wants to go for 3 points and 3 points he got - a superb kick, he slotted the ball right through the middle.
3-0 and the Eagles on the rampage against these tough Northerners, but within seconds a cheeky grubbed kick through the Oswestry defence saw the Dukinfield winger pick up the bobbling ball to score a try in the corner, no conversion.

5-3 now the Oswestry men gaining confidence in their plays started to push Dukinfield rucking with quick ball to backs Andy Merrett, Sam Wright, Nick Clay, Jamie Luckett with some beautiful passes taking the ball to the Dukinfield men. Oswestry now also winning line out ball with the number 8 James Booth outstandingly taking ball at height and coming down urging his pack to maul, Dukinfield now making mistakes and already down to 14 men with a previous yellow card, giving away a penalty, with young Grogan again pointing to the posts and slotting the ball sweetly through.

6-5 and the Dukinfield supporters shouting at their men to sort this game out and get some points on the board, wrong! The men from Oswestry had different ideas with Hamish, Fin and Luca Owen-Youens time and again clearing ball and creating spaces for the Oswestry pack to gain ground. It was then that the magnificent Andy Merret scored a great try from a great clearance, with Zac Baldwin following to make sure - Fin converting from a difficult angle.

13-5 a high Tackle from Dukinfield gave Fin Grogan another chance for 3 more points and points he got..

16-5 and the whistle blowing for half time.

The Dukenfield Coach now desperately trying tactics to upset the men from Oswestry, but superb discipline from the whole team resulted with excellent play and defence, saw Dukinfield getting more and more frustrated and yellow cards coming out to send men to the sin bin, also with the Eagles getting their share of sin bin.

Oswestry now in full swing and showing the supporters who had gone quiet, the strength of play from Oswestry holding the Dukinfield men up in their attack and creating spaces for the forwards of Oswestry when on the move towards the Dukinfield try line, Fin Grogan again getting the chance to gain another 3 points with Dukinfield offside.

Converted and the dependable boot of Fin putting this game out of reach for Dukinfield with the final whistle blown.

Man of the match with a superb performance ..Andy Merrett.

Final score 19-5 to Oswestry and ever near the top of Cheshire South, with 2 games in hand against Dukinfield and 1 game in hand against Manchester Medics who have to play the Eagles at Oswestry only 5 points separating the teams.

Saturday 16th Knutsford come down to play the Eagles at home KO 2.15 pm

Sat 2nd Jan Eagle 2nd XV 17 – 19 Oswestry 2nd XV -

War of the Eagles
Oswestry travelled to their namesakes Eagle, on the outskirts of Warrington, to try and continue their recent run of victories into the New Year. The pitches in Warrington faring better than those in Oswestry, allowing the fixture to go ahead.
The tone of the match was set in the first few minutes with the initial fiery confrontations quickly resulting in a fracas which saw the referee reaching to his pocket. Both teams reduced to 14 men for 10 minutes, but their intentions of winning the game were clear.
Solid scrummaging, aggressive rucking and good discipline saw Oswestry continue to frustrate their opposition. Further foul play from Eagle saw yet another man in the bin, giving Os a 1 man advantage.
Sticking with the game-plan, Oswestry pushed the ball wide time after time putting the Eagle defence under ever increasing pressure. This paid dividends, when young Ryan Maddocks-Wycherley showed good strength to finish out wide despite the defences attempts to tackle.
Good work isolating the Eagle runners and ripping the ball by Luca Owen-Youens, saw a gap open up centre field for Dave Morris who drove deep into the 22. Os retained possession, allowing Kris Chatfield to power over the line and score; converted by Luca Owen-Youens.
The festive glut seemed a distant memory with a convincing first half performance, Os entered half time with a comfortable lead 12 - 0.
The second half started slowly as Eagle’s discipline improved and they started to close the gap on Os. However, Oswestry found more success out wide in the form of Tom Booth, who with good support either side, stepped inside his defender to run in under the posts.
Eagle had sustained attacks, keeping the ball tight, tying in players and tiring the already weary Oswestry defence. A couple of lapses in concentration and defensive organisation, saw Eagle break the line on the blind side and score.
While Os had spells of good possession in dangerous positions, small errors started to creep into the game. The momentum of the game was shifting, Eagle scoring twice unanswered and the Oswestry pack beginning to tire in the loose, Eagle scored again to bring the score line within 2. The previously substituted Oswestry captain Gaz Ellis, feeling the need to return to the field and lift the performance in the dying moments.
A miskick in the final minute of the game put Oswestry under pressure, resulting in a penalty for offside being awarded just outside the 22. Unfortunately for Eagle, the placekick was wayward and dabbed down in goal to see Oswestry hold on for victory.
Next week 9/1/16 14:00: 1st XV away to Dukinfield, 2nd XV home to Lymm 4

Sat 19th Dec Oswestry 1sts V Congleton 1sts -

Congleton traveled to the Gran Morgan home ground knowing they had a task to beat the Cheshire south league contenders on a wet and sticky pitch, that foretold of a possession game.

The Eagles started with a commanding outlook from the kick off playing with skill and passion, moving the ball through the hands and quick ball at the breakdown, nearly getting a try in the opening minute, but a penalty given to the Congleton men saved them..

The free kick was probably not the best they could kick. Oswestry regained possession and from a kick and fantastic run from the halfway line by number 7 Zac Baldwin who dived on the moving ball to score the first try, with Fin Grogan slotting the ball between the posts..
This galvanised the Cons into action and they showed excellent attacking skills pinning the Eagles in their own half, defending the line with a "Lion Heart" defence. The Congleton men now at their best, desperate to get this try, but time and again the men of Oswestry thwarted the last ditch attempt for a try, with Hamish fuller and his steady pack and Andy Smith, Chris Hesky, Guy Robert all front row players moving the team to try and clear the ball out of the Oswestry half. This sustained attack lasted 10 minutes.

Again a fantastic clearance from Fin Grogan saw the Eagles back in the Congleton half. Ivor Hughes collecting the ball from a quick ruck and darting up the wing to gain several metres of ground, unfortunately Congleton gave away a silly penalty, Fin Grogan saw the "posts" from a difficult angle, but once again his trusty boot slotted the ball between them and put the score to 10-0.
Again Congleton started putting on the pressure to the Oswestry men , pushing them back on the back foot, Os giving away a penalty, Congleton taking this to try and get 3 points, but to no avail.. still 10-0

Captain Andy Smith now rallied his men to push the Congleton men back towards the try line, this now becoming difficult with the wet pitch cutting up and the ball for both teams became a bar of soap...but some fine play from James Booth at 8 Andy Merrett the Eagles stalwart playing some deft rugby the ball going from left to right, the Congleton men not knowing which way to defend, saw a superb maul from the Eagles push the ball over the line with the big second row Mike Davis scoring, coming out of the mud in glory !! No conversion this time..

Second half and the rain coming in sideways and the dark of winter coming over, the ref could hardly distinguish who was who in the mud, saw both teams struggle to play possession rugby with penalties being given for knock ons and holding on in the ruck, however it was from one of these penalties that Congleton took the opportunity to take a go through the posts and did so scoring 3 points.


Now Andy Smith decided to bring on fresh legs with Jamie Luckett on the wing and Scott Double in the pack, the Eagles now getting the better of the game recycling the ball quickly from the breakdown, giving the backs opportunity to run the ball at the Congleton men. Fin Grogan offloading a superb ball to Andy Merret, darting through the Congleton defence ever pushing towards the Congleton try line, quick ball out to the left wing saw Jamie luckett with space to tear down the left wing and score triumphantly in the corner, Fin Grogan stepping up the take this difficult conversion, boom ! Straight through the posts.


Now Oswestry desperately pushing for the 4th try for bonus points with the minutes closing for full time, saw the Eagles camped on the Congleton try line ..TRY !!!! But unfortunately the ref didn't or couldn't see it in amongst the mud and players, FULL time and Oswestry continue the battle for top of the Cheshire South league in 3rd position - but only 5 points from the leaders and two games in hand. Looking good for the Oswestry men, great 1st half of the season. Now comes the final push with the Eagles first game on the 9th of January 2016 away to Dukenfield.

Oswestry rugby club wish all our supporters , players and families a wonderland Christmas and the happiest of new year..

Sat 21st Nov Oswestry First Team 36 - 20 Ramsey -

Eagles fly high in the Isle of Man.

Oswestry took this long Journey to the Isle of Man needing to win this game to challenge for the title in the Cheshire South League.

It was a bright but cold day on a perfect pitch at Ramsey, a great day for running rugby, the Eagles started with strong attacking play, with Ramsey giving away a penalty straight away, the dependable Fin Grogan kicking the ball in the corner putting the Manx men on the back foot, Hamish Fuller at 9 passing from the ruck with great interplay from the forwards driving Ramsey back, again quick ball from the ruck through the hands of the backs now finding fleet of foot Gaz Hughes, who skinned the Ramsey backs to score a great try, Fin Grogan converting.

Ramsey now with the crowd urging them on to counter attack the Home side where on fire and pushing Oswestry to the back foot, but again the Stalwart defence of the Oswestry men held out and a great clearance from Luca Owen-Youens provided Oswestry with a penalty a fair distance from the posts, which Fin Grogan converted hitting the top of the cross bar to bounce over.


From the Kick off Ramsey where attacking with vengeance and putting great moves together, upsetting the Oswestry men, from one of these moves Ramsey scored and converted.

Play now started to get a bit fraught with one of the Oswestry men yellow carded for an infringement of the rules, Oswestry down to 14 men defending like demons against the Ramsey onslaught, now a penalty for Ramsey converting, making the score.


Again play started to get tough and hard, Ramsey now yellow carded for not playing within the rules..14 men a piece, Oswestry playing superb running rugby, Captain Andy Smith urging his men on, an excellent offload to Jamie Luckett saw him getting close to a try, but the Manx man tackled him into touch..quick ball from Hamish fuller with a deft off load to Fin Grogan off load again to Zac Baldwin who mesmerised the Ramsey defence fooling them into a mis move, Zac running through and scoring a great try, Fin converting


From the Ramsey Kick off, the Eagles counter attacked with excellent handling of the ball both forwards and backs coming together as a powerful unit, nothing Ramsey could do to stop the Shropshire men. Now play from the centre Andy Merrett started moving with his backs towards the Ramsey try line using all of his skills to enforce the Oswestry machine, Mike Davies running through the Manx defence ever nearer to that try, quick ball from Hamish to his forwards, Deian Lloyd-hughes battling for possession, offload to Zac Baldwin TRY, and a fantastic team effort.

Fin Grogan Converting.

24-10 HALF TIME.

Ramsey now wanted to score and get within the distance to try and win this match, the supporters of the Manx men baying for their men to get over the white line..penalty given away by Oswestry, saw a conversion and 3 points.


A try and conversion would see the Ramsey side back in contention, but a late tackle on Chris Heskey, depleted the Manx side down to 14 men, but none the less they attacked Oswestry, putting the team into defense mode, which again has to be the best in this league..but out standing play from Luca Owen-Youens running like a steam train from the back smashing his way through the Ramsey defence time and time again, now saw Oswestry on the Manx try line mauling only a Metre away ..the Ref blew up for the ball not coming out with the 5 second rule.
A breather for Ramsey kicking for touch, but not making it and again Luca running at the Ramsey defence offloading to his backs, the Oswestry men now in full attack mode, pushing Ramsey to the limits, with excellent team play and good decision making, saw. Andy Merrett score a cracking try, this time Fin not converting.


Now Ramsey wanted a try just to keep their heads up and play again got a bit fraught with both sides being warned by the Ref.. Gaz Barrett decided to make a few changes with Dave Morris, Dan Morgan and Scott Double coming on to replace tired legs.. But unfortunately with the Ramsey side in full attack the got their try and converted.


Oswestry kicked of again and the play by this visiting team was outstanding although Ramsey did their best to contain Oswestry it was not to happen, a superset Kick from the centre saw Gaz Hughes catch the ball and run from the half way line to score under the posts, with Fin converting.

FINAL SCORE 36 20 and bonus points..putting the Eagles 2nd in the league with a game in hand.

Next Saturday the Eagles are at home in the North Mids cup competition to Droitwich.

KO 14.15 hrs .. come down and watch your Rugby team play ..

Sat 14th Nov Oswestry 1sts 60 - 0 Moore - Guru

On a miserable wet day at the Gran Morgan home of Rugby ..the Eagles produced a stunning performance against Moore to bring Sunshine into the hearts of the Oswestry Supporters braving the weather.

From the start the Oswestry men showed that their power and strength in all areas of the game was going to be too much for the Gentlemen of Moore. Excellent inter play between the forwards and backs with Sam Wright taking a fantastic offload scoring the first try.
5-0 no conversion on this blustery windy day.

Moore defiantly tried to gain some foothold attacking the Eagles line but to no avail a great clearance from Luca Owen Yuoens put Moore on the back foot giving away a penalty close to their try line, and with a stronger pack Oswestry took advantage and scored with Deian Lloyd Hughes putting the ball down for a try, no conversion.
Jamie Luckett coming in from the wing had a superb run through the the Moore defense offloading, but the ball was knocked forward - nearly another try, then the redoubtable Andy Merrett kicked one of his, tap over the defense line, to run on and score under the posts.
Fin Grogan Converting this one.
The Eagles now looking for bonus points with the 4th try it came in the form of Tom H Jones catching the ball and kicking on - a brilliant piece of individual play to score his 1st try for the Eagles.
And bonus points! A Moore player being sin binned for 10 minutes put them down to 14 men. The well oiled Oswestry machine now started to give the supporters plenty to shout about with some excellent team play. Hamish Fuller's dazzling passes to his backs mesmerizing the Moore defense But fair play to Moore they battled hard to keep the Eagles out, but continuous pressure from the Eagles pack, saw Zac Baldwin dive over the line with cracking play from the forwards.

27-0 no conversion.
Now moor started to work towards the Oswestry defense willing themselves to try and break the Eagles, but to no avail, they lost the ball in a ruck and Luca Owen Youens kicked the ball into touch.

Half time 27-0
The start of this second half saw the Oswestry men take control again in all aspects of play, the Eagles keeping to the game plan and forcing the men from Moore on the back foot, penalty to Oswestry, quick tap ball from Hamish fuller sent the backs into try mode with Sam Wright, Andy Merrett, taking control of the centre and dominating play, once again the sprightly Zac Baldwin using his vast knowledge of the game urging his forwards closer to the Moore try line, got the try he wanted, with Fin Grogan converting 7 points

With his team in full swing Gaz Barrett replaced Andy Smith and Zac Baldwin, with Josh Tsang and Fletcher Yuoen Owens giving the forwards some fresh legs. Now saw Oswestry again defending against a strong Moore attack but time and again the Eagles proved solid and the men from Moore could not penetrate the Oswestry defensive line.

With Oswestry in total control further tries from, Diean Lloyd Hughes, James Booth and Jamie Luckett brought the score to 60-0. You can say that the gentlemen from Moore held their heads up and continued to play well, but the strength, fitness and superb handling in the wet and muddy conditions from the Oswestry Men proved too much for Moore.

The Lanyon Bowdler man of the Match - Diean Lloyd Hughes.

The final whistle blew and the supporters applauded Oswestry for a fantastic game of rugby and also the losers Moore for valiantly trying to get that elusive try.

Next Week The Eagles travel to the Isle of Man to play Ramsey, this will be a tough test and the Oswestry team 3rd in the Cheshire South league must go for a win, the top three teams now only 4 points difference and a game in hand for Oswestry.

Sat 7th Nov Oswestry v Trentham - Guru

Eagles win in a tough game against Trentham.

With the new league organisation Trentham who unfortunately where relegated last season found themselves back in the game playing against nearly the same teams as last season.

However Trentham where not the same team, with a defensive mistake in the first minute by Oseestry, Trentham scored an excellent try and converted.

Game on and the Eagles started to put pressure on Trentham with excellent ball,play and handling, from one of these plays after Trentham giving away a penalty in their half the Eagles machine took control with an off load from James Booth to the already moving to the ball Luca Yuoen Owens smashing through the Trentham defence to score in the corner,

Not converted.
Now the Eagles with there tails up started to create great runs with the mauls and quick ball from the ruck running the Trentham defence all over the pitch, but trying to stop the onslaught ..Oswestry got the the Trentham 5 metre line mauling and rucking in excellent phases Hamish Fuller and his forwards getting ever nearer then with Luke Hassall, Mike Davies, Guy Roberts Andy Smith the giant powerhouses in the Oswestry pack, took Luke Hassall over the try line and scored a magnificent effort

Not converted.


The game now developed with Oswestry putting Trentham on the back foot Valiantly defending the Oswestry machine on full power, looking for the gaps in the defence, lots of penalties been given for offside and hands in the ruck from both sides.

Then with a great move from Gaz Hughes offloading to Andy Merrett the power house in the centre pushing the ball out the the wingmen and again the man Luca Owen Yuoens looking to break through the Trentham defence, did it again and scored near the posts, this time your Fin Grogan converting the try.

17-7 halftime

A galvanised Trentham came back on in this second half after having been given a good talking to by the coach and put pressure on the Eagles by kicking into the corner on a downward slope, and gaining distance into the Oswestry half, with Oswestry defending outstandingly to stop Trentham scoring, which evolved in a few handbags being thrown with the home side getting more and more frustrated with no score coming their way.

Lots of penalties being given away by the Oswestry men now and Trentham with the advantage Gaz Barratt made changes to the pack to help influence the game with Scott Double and Jamie Jamie Tsang coming on to bulk the pack.

Another Penalty and James Booth off for 10 minutes Oswestry down to 14 men and defending like men possessed to stop again this revitalised side from Trentham.

James Booth back on and a sigh of relief to help soak up the pressure from Trentham , now the Eagles had enough of this and started to put great play together pushing Trentham back to their try line, then with great pressure bury the Oswestry Pack TRY AND PRESSURE OFF, no conversion.


With only a few minutes left the Trentham side desperately wanted this consolation try and reverted to some tactic that perhaps where not the rules of the game ..but the Oswestry men took it on the chin and relentless pressure from Trentham, even getting two of the Oswestry men sent off for dubious penalties, left them with thirteen men to defend .

time up and Oswestry gained bonus points in this match getting neare to the top of the league .

Next week Oswestry entertain Moor at home another great game on, come down and watch your Local Rugby team and enjoy a beer or two at out fantastic club .

Sun 1st Nov Under 13's -

Telford RFC U13s 7 Oswestry RFC U13s 24

Oswestry RFC U13s travelled to Telford RFC with a small squad due to Half Term unavailablity. A bare 15 of the squad were available but were bolstered by 2 excellent Under 12 players, Jacob Jones & Louis McKenzie.

The game was split into 4 quarters if 15 minutes each and from the first whistle to the last, Oswestry dominated this game against a much bigger team with the Young Eagles fired up from the start, ready to build on their great performance last week at the Ellesmere College Festival.

The first 2 quarters saw surging runs from Martin Petrov, Fergus Downes. ioan Delahay and Connor Griffiths backed up by impressive support play from Jacob Davies-Christopher, Josh Peake, Rhys Llywarch and Jack Todman. The home side could not live with the pace and aggression shown by the Oswestry forwards, marshalled by their Captain at scrum half, Jacob Munro. This pinned their hosts back in their own 22 for the majority of both the first quarters and allowed Munro to unleash his backs. Fly Half Aidan Lindsay masterfully pushing the ball out to the pacey three quarters, Luke Hodgson, Jonas Pearson-Wright, Harry Martin and Luke Gambroudes. All taking it in turn to punch holes in the home defence.

When Telford did get their hands on the ball they were cut down by excellent tackling, especially from the patrolling Oswestry Full Back, Morgan Drury.

The Oswestry enslaught resulted in a bulldozing run by Petrov who was then driven over the line by his pack for the first try, converted by Lindsay.

Telford to be fair worked hard to get back into the game, sending wave after wave of attacks at the Oswestry defence which eventually relented allowing the home side to score a converted try.

Disappointed at this lapse in concentration, Oswestry powered their way back up the field, Munro feeding his big runners who drove the homeside back time and time again, whilst any sniff of possession for the home side was taken away by scything tackles from the backs. This allowed Downes to wriggle his way over the line to score an unconverted try.

7-12 at the half time break.

More of the same!

The second 2 quarters followed much the same pattern, with the Oswestry power play forcing the home side back, despite the numerous fresh players their large squad numbers allowed them to change.

Telford started to lose their discipline and give away numerous penalties, taken quickly by Munro to gain 10 yards at a time from the home side failing to retreat, with Lindsay's reliable kicking then pushing the ball into Telford territory.

Petrov and Griffiths continued powering forward, with Delahay backing them up in a fine back row performance. Not to miss out on the action, Peake stepped up and started to take the ball on backed up city consistently by his front row colleagues, Davies-Christopher & Llywarch.

Todman, who worked relentlesly took a huge hit and despite bravely soldiering on, left the field to allow young McKenzie into the fray joining in with the pack. It also saw Jones come on for Pearson-Wright who played a very good game in his Under 13 debut. Both younger boys acquitted themselves very well against older and bigger opposition and were certainly not fazed at the physicality of the game.

Downes then took the ball on at pace, outstripping numerous defenders for pace to score 2 further trys, completing a fine hatrick, one converted by Lindsay.

Telford under pressure, began to kick possession away, gathered up by Drury who hit the line several times, deftly shipping the ball on to Hodgson, who in turn timed excellent passes to Martin & Gambroudes to drive forward at pace and set up possession for Munro to feed the Oswestry Pack, pinning Telford to their own line time & time again.

The final whistle was then blown, with Oswestry deservedly winning the game by 24 points to Telford's 7.

All in all an excellent performance from each and every Oswestry player. The hard work pres-season showed with the teams fitness levels surpassing thar of thr home team even though they had the luxury of a large squad to introduce fresh legs throughout the game.

Positives: Fitness, Rucking, Aggression, Heart and Belief.
Negatived: Perhaps bring the defensive line up as a unit a little quicker and working on more complex backs moves to set up field positions and control the flow of the game.

A very proud coach!


Sun 25th Oct Under 12's -

Under 12’s match report- Sunday 25th October

Sandbach 10-25 Oswestry

A superb win by the Eaglets against a bigger Sandbach side.
Oswestry were soon on the scoresheet when the ball was zipped out by the ever improving Huw Logsdail to Jacob Jones who ran around the defence to score in the corner.
The 2nd was all most a copy with the forwards securing good ball and Jacob again showing silky running skills to brush off tacklers to score. Joe Hidden then poached the 3rd try when he danced through the defence and ran clear. He also tackled well all game and was awarded Man of the Match by the coaches.
The forwards were showing good technique always securing the ball on the ground and Owen Roberts showed good hands, with one of his passes finding Dewi Jones who ran into the corner to score.
Sandbach had some powerful forwards and they rumbled over for a try before their best player in the centre had an excellent run and went over the line to score too. Tyler Thomas had a safe pair of hands on the wing ably supported by Eve in the centres. The last minute saw Dewi Jones score another in the corner after Freddie Oakley turned over the ball and it was fed out wide quickly.
Jack came off near the end after playing well in his first game , the coaches Sam and James were so delighted with the win that they have given themselves a week off next Sunday

Well done everyone- to win at a big well organised club is a big confidence booster.

Sun 25th Oct U18 Colts -

Crewe and Nantwich 14 Oswestry 3

The Colts travelled a bit light with quite a few forwards missing through injuries and holidays,Crewe had a big set of forwards and they trounced Os in the scums and the lineout so Laurence Hitchen had a hard day at scrumhalf.The first 10 minutes saw Crewe push hard at the Os line but Os held their line,Oswestry then started running the ball into the Crewe half.Os pressure created 3 penalaties but the kicks were off target.Thomas Henry and John Wills almost got a try in the corner but a penalty against them saw the chance go begging but the pressure continued and Harri Jones slotted over a penalty to give Oswestry a 3 nil haftime lead but maybe it should have been more.

Crewe were kicking downhill and started to use their bigger forwards to maul forward and they were held up over the line twice before they finally touched down.Harry Rowley enjoyed himself in the forwards and George Done tackled well in the centres,Tom Kershaw was also showing solid form in the forwards

Liam Williams had 2 great runs on the wing but a last ditch tap tackle by his opposite number saved a try,then the centre from Crewe scorched through a gap in the Os line to score the winning try under the posts

Next week no game,they welcome bottom of the league side Kendal

Sat 24th Oct Oswestry First Team 20 - 7 Heaton Moor 1sts - Mike Owen

With Oswestry and Heaton Moor lying in third and fourth place respectively in the league this was always going to be a tight encounter. The Eagles pressured the visitors from the kick-off with Zak Baldwin chasing the kick and forcing a knock on and the first scrum put in to Oswestry.
Continued attacks in the oppositions 22 were rewarded with an early penalty to Oswestry but the kick at goal by Fin Grogan was carried wide by the strong wind.
Heaton kicked long at the restart into the waiting arms of the Eagles winger, Jamie Luckett, who made a powerful run back towards the oppositions half evading several tackles and linking up with his backs putting fullback, Luca Owen-Youens, into space but stopped 10 metres short of Heatons try line.
Heaton defended well and were awarded a penalty for Oswestry not releasing. After kicking for touch the visitors out maneuvered the Eagles at the line-out to set up an excellent driving maul gaining 30 metres and penetrating the Eagles 22 metre area for the first time.
Oswestry soaked up ten minutes of intense pressure from Heaton but the home side's well organised defence held strong and they eventually managed to relieve the pressure when Heaton were penalised for not rolling away at the breakdown allowing Grogan a great clearance kick.
The first 30 minutes was played at a blistering pace with the Eagles back-row combination of Zak Baldwin, Mike Davies and Fletcher Owen-Youens combining well and making some excellent carries. Cracks eventually appeared in the visitors defence when a kick from the base of the scrum by scrum-half, Hamish Fuller, was gathered by winger Hughes who gained excellent ground before popping to the supporting Luca Owen-Youens who once again used his strength to suck in a number of Heaton's defenders. The ball was quickly recycled at the breakdown to centre Andy Merritt who put in a deft inside pass to Fuller to go over the whitewash for the first score of the game which was duly converted by Grogan to give the Eagles a 7 point lead. Heaton were not for lying down and upped their game for the final 5 minutes of the half but stout defending by the Eagles backs, including centre Dan Morgan making his 1st team debut at just seventeen.
With only a few minutes left Oswestry now started to push Heaton again making them pedal backwards and some excellent interplay saw Heaton give away another penalty, Fin converting, making it 10 -0 ...the whistle blew and Oswestry maintained their lead..

The first opportunity for points in the second-half went to Heaton when Oswestry were penalised again for not releasing but the attempt at goal sailed wide. Although the Eagles struggled at the line-out against the very well drilled opposition they more than made up for it at the scrum with Man of the Match, Guy Roberts causing his opposite number all sort of problems at the set piece. When the Eagles were awarded a penalty for Heaton collapsing at the scrum, quick thinking Fuller went for a tap and go, off loading to Merritt who came in on a great line to penetrate Heatons 22 metre area. When Heaton again succumbed to the pressure of the Oswestry front-row of Hesketh, Tsang and Roberts, Grogan made no mistake with the penalty opportunity increasing the lead by 3 points. Before the restart Oswestry made some tactical changes with skipper Andy Smith taking to the field to replace Tsang in the front-row and Dave Morris coming on for Luke Hassall in the second row.
A scrum given away again by Heaton close to the Heaton tray line saw the Eagles again recycle the ball with deft off loading by Fuller and his forwards then to Chris Hesketh who had seen the white line of the Heaton try line dive over with a majestic flourish of triumph to increase the Oswestry score ..young Fin missed the conversion.
15-0 ..

Now with Heaton fired up to get their position in this match to an even keel saw great play by the men from the North, creating great rugby and pushing the Eagles to defend ..but close to the Oswestry line Heaton created a great try under the posts by finding the gap with some clever and quick passing down the line to score ..converted

Now with only minutes to go Oswestry where pushing the whole team forward looking for the bonus points with tries ..at this time one of the Heaton men was sin binned, putting even greater pressure on then selves with 14 men...with another Scrum Oswestry off loaded the ball to the giant full back Luca Owen Yuoens who started on his run skittling the Heaton defence like a ball down the alley ..excellent offload to Jamie Luckett who was following Luca like a man possessed Jamie scored wide...not converted.
Now !! Only seconds left and that 4th try was looming for the Oswestry men ..young Fin got the ball running through the Heaton defence ....tackled ball out ..FINAL WHISTLE ..
What a great game by two excellent teams who played the game with professionalism and tenacity ..

Next week No game on at the park ..but the world CUP FINAL WILL BE ON AT YOUR CLUB ??
oswestryrugby.co.uk our new website ..check us out ...

Sat 17th Oct Oswestry 1sts v Marple 1sts - Guru

Eagles win over a strong Marple team..

Oswestry started off with aggression and speed in the attack ..with Fin Grogan putting a sweet grubber kick through the Marple defence in the first minute..Nick Clay nearly scoring ....that was the impetus for the Eagles to start playing some great rugby, with the forwards driving through and the backs creating superb interplay.

Penalty Oswestry with the Marple defence desperately trying to stop the Eagles scoring ..
Fin Grogan converting
Again the Oswestry men pushing Marple to the back feet .Hamish Fuller driving his team forward with Captain Andy Smith shouting the moves and willing Oswestry to get the first try ...Luke Hassall finding the gaps in the Marple defence with the Oswestry backs performing to a high standard in their play with Andy Merrett, Gaz hughes, making sweet offloads to the wings joking to crack this Marple side ..but again Marple gave away another penalty and the dependable boot of Fin slotting the ball between the posts..


The giant full back Luca Youen Owens making penetrating runs at the Marple defence caused some havoc and fantastic play again from Oswestry, penalty again to the Eagles, Hamish fuller quick tap offload to the already speeding Andy Smith ..TRY !! and another conversion from Fin Grogan .


Now Marple had had enough and started to put some very good moves together attacking the Eagles defence, however the men from Oswestry where determined not to let the men from the North through ..another Penalty given away by Marple gave the Eagles a breather and the dependable boot of Fin kicked into touch putting the Marple boys on the back foot..

Half time ..

Oswestry gave away a silly penalty and Marple took the opportunity to slot the ball through the Posts


Then with again excellent play by Oswestry ..penalty ..quick tap by Hamish fuller another TRY straight through the gap ..Fin not converting

The game at this point became a game of two halves with neither side able to penetrate defence. And to many penalties being given by both sides..the ref calling back play when in all fairness Oswestry or Marple could have made this half more exciting if they could have just got on with the game and not being called back .....

With players from both side being replaced CONGRATULATIONS go to Thomas Jones an under 18 Oswestry Colt for his first game for Oswestry 1sts ... Tom started with some excellent tackling and a try saving tackle on the big Marple winger ..also nearly scoring himself with a cheeky kick on past the Marple defence...well done Tom.

The Lanyon Bowdler Man of the match goes to the everlasting 7 Zac Baldwin ..his tireless tackling and work rate is outstanding and well deserved ..

Also, Lottie Beard our excellent physio keeping our boys on the pitch with her professional attitude ...

Next week Oswestry are at home to Heaton Moor a team we have never played before and are doing well in the South Cheshire League..

Keep an eye out for news and fixtures on our New website ..


Sat 26th Sep Oswestry First Team 27 - 7 Knutsford 1sts - Guru

Eagles traveled away to KNUTSFORD to play a team never played before, Knutsfords form in the league not good, so looking for another win in Cheshire South.
But once again never underestimate your opposition ..which in all fairness Eagles play every game with intent to win ...Knutsford started well defending the Eagles attacking play..however with a small pitch unleashing the two wingers Jamie Luckett and Nick Clay was proving difficult, so play was taken up midfield with Oswestry dominating ..
With young Fin Grogan in good form ..clearing OS lines and full back Luca Owen- Yuoens running hard at the Knutsford defence, Knutsford where on the back foot for most of the play..
Lottie Beard the Oswestry Physio was needed to attend Luke Hassall with an injury, ref stopped play and Knutsford had a bit of a breather.
The Eagles took a scrum off Knutsford on there 22 mtrs line ..with Hamish Fuller snapping at their defence ..followed by superb play from the backs and forwards ..Hamish darted through a gap in Knutsford defence to score an excellent try with Mr Fintastic converting..
With minutes of the try Knutsford gave away a penalty giving Fin Grogan another chance to kick in between the posts ..and he did.
Once again the Hardy Knutsford team gathering their strength defending well against the Eagles finding it hard to get into the Oswestry half, with some good handling and kicking for touch ..but to no avail..the Oswestry men changing their tactics to confuse Knutsford pressed them hard ..
But half time saw no extra score ..
Knutsford Kick off saw the Oswestry men now looking to gain more advantage with try's ..Luca Owen-Yuoens injured with Lottie taking him off the field...again Knutsford giving away silly penalties ..gave Fin another chance to increase the points ..converted !
Now the game took on another level with the Eagles dominating play trying for the try's they needed ..it was during an excellent passage of play with Andy Smith the Oswestry Captain leading the way with some devastating pick up and drive through the Knutford defence lines ..great interplay from Zac Baldwin Jamie Luckett with an offload to Mike Keaveny bursting through the Knutsford defence ..with Nick Clay following for that try scoring pass .. and it was a great team try ..with Nick Clay outpacing the Knutsford defence to score ..with Fin Grogan converting
Knutsford now trying to get back in the game ..pressed the men in red to their try line and with the Knutford supporters howling for them to get a try !! They did with a great team effort ..converting the try ..
OS now looking to score more try's again controlling play with Knutsford on the back foot ..Oswestry dominating forward play on the Knutsford 5 Mtr line saw a tremendous drive over the line for Mike Davies to score with Fin again converting
Full time and the Eagles just missing out an a bonus point ..but still Top of the Cheshire league.
Look forward to a home game this coming Saturday against Linley ..

Sat 26th Sep Oswestry 3rds 31-24 Helsby -

The Chester side, who were top of the league, came looking for a win got an unlucky bounce of the ball with the 3rds fielding a strong side for the home fixture when Os edged their first win of the season. It was a terrific game of rugby on a hot afternoon.
Helsby started brightly and their team work was evident with great interplay amongst their team but a James Anderson penalty saw the Eagles get first blood.
Helsby soon struck back when their strong running forwards blasted through the defence to score under the posts. This was followed by a poor penalty kick out of defence and Helsby passed the ball out wide and a brilliant pick up off his toes by their winger saw him scorch over the white-wash. Oswestry were undeterred with young scrum half Jake Smith in defiant mode from a lineout, fed the impressive Dan Munro who launched himself over the line.
Failing to find touch with a penalty kick again let Helsby take a grip on the game and they recycled the ball until Oswestry ran out of defenders and they scored to give them a 21-10 lead at the break.
Fresh Oswestry legs helped proceedings after the break, but tempers on both teams started to fray, the ref did an excellent job and kept order, but the indiscipline helped the home side get the upper hand. A line out on the 5 metre line saw the forwards rumble over the line with Kris Chatfield coming up with the ball.
Helsby were starting to rock and despite having a chance to go for another try they took a penalty in front of the posts to gain a 7 point lead.
Craig Howell was itching to get on the field and when Oswestry had a penalty near Helsby’s line he tapped the ball and side stepped through the defense to score.
The game was finally balanced with the scores level but Oswestry wanted the win and despite losing Graham Fox to a nasty rib injury, they powered up field and Fletcher Youens, who has come up through the junior section, took the ball and defenders over the line for the winning score.
Oswestry managed to hold out for the last 5 minutes to frustrate the visitors and take the victory.

Sat 12th Sep Away to Congleton 3 - 23 - Guru

The Eagles traveled to Congleton in the newly formed South Cheshire league, a team they have never played before..
With high expectations after last weeks big win over Ashton the Eagles came up against a completely different team, Congleton from the KO pressed the Oswestry defence looking for a quick try or penalty..but Eagles held firm and a great clearance kick from young Fin Grogan put Os back in the firing line, probing the Congleton defence , with some good rucking and pick up ball pushing Congleton to their try line ...
Congleton weathered the Oswestry onslaught with a fine clearance Kick from their 15, then with some good hands and offloading Congleton again drove the Eagles back on their try line.
With a penalty against OS Congleton decided not to Kick for Goal, but a 5 mtr Scrum drove the Eagles back again.. Magnificent defending with a held up ball on the Os try line stopped Congleton from scoring the first try ....
Os rebounded with a penalty and Fin cleared to the half way line ..with Os again attacking the Congleton defence ..Luca Owen-Yuoens and Nick Howland testing the backs with superb strong runs leaving the Congleton boys mesmerised ..but again Congleton held Os.......
Hamish Fuller and his forwards had to make some tremendous tackles to stop the Congleton boys from escaping their try line ..it was during this phase that Jonny Lee sustained an injury and Josh Tsang came on as replacement ..
Fin kicked for touch and from the throw in the Eagles where given a penalty which Fin Converted.
3-0 to the Eagles nearing half time and bot teams giving no quarter Congleton where awarded a penalty close to the Eagles 20 mtr line ..Congleton slotted this one ...
3-3 HALF TIME !!!
Second half started with the Eagles upping their game with some excellent handling, offloading and scrummaging, quick ball from the ruck gave Os advantage with Congleton on the back foot giving another penalty away with the dependable Fin slotting it through the posts
But!!! Congleton in all fairness where no team to surrender to the Oswestry attack, they turned to attacking the centre and a few handbags where thrown around with the ref giving both packs a slap on the hand !! Which resulted in a yellow card been given to Congleton.
Penalty to the Eagles ..slotted again by Fin
The Oswestry machine now started to take control of the ga,e with Congleton trying to penetrate the OS half to no avail ..with some superb handling by the backs, starting with a Hamish Fuller rocket pass to 10 Fin along the line through the safe hands of Andy Merrett, Gaz hughes then onto the strong running of Jamie Luckett to score a superb try!! With Fin kicking for two extra points ..
16-3 to OS
The game now turned with a few minutes left with the superior fitness of the Eagles telling on the Congleton players ..who non the less played valiantly and kept their heads up ..
But with another quick ball from the ruck letting loose the backs ..along the line to the fleet of foot Nick Howland jinking his way through the Congleton backs to score another great try For OS with fin converting
Final score 23-3 to the Eagles.
Next week Oswestry Eagles entertain Dukenfield a game with the top half of the league looking tight is a game to win !!

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